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Stop the cycle of poor health, low energy, guesswork, and failed solutions. We are here to give you back your health, your joy, and for many, your life… even when everything else you’ve tried has failed.

Why is Dina Khader the Right Choice for You?

Anti Aging Programs Chappaqua, NY

Registered Dietitian

Weight Loss Programs Chappaqua, NY

Featured Author and Expert Commentator

Anti Aging Programs Bedford, NY

Professional Collaborations

I am a registered dietitian and integrative nutrition consultant with a Master of Science degree in nutrition from New York Medical College.

I am the author of The Food Combining/Blood Type Diet Solution, published in 2000. I have been featured in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio and I am frequently called upon as a lecturer and expert commentator.

I work closely with Dr. Robert Marshall of Premier Research Labs, and I am currently listed as a recognized Premier Practitioner.
I also collaborate with Helena Baranova, MD, of the European Institute of Personalized Prevention to make available cutting-edge genomic testing strategies.

Weight Loss Programs Chappaqua, NY

Professional Networks

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Nationally-Acclaimed Nutrition Practice

Weight Loss Programs Bedford, NY

Experience & Expertise

I have studied with some of the leading functional medicine doctors around the world, and frequently attend conferences and lectures to stay on top of cutting-edge nutrition advancements. I am a member, Master, and lecturer with IfHI, the Institute for Human Individuality, a professional community that focuses on epigenetic nutrition. I have been called upon to work directly with universities, Olympic athletes, and public interest groups.

Over the years, my practice has won numerous awards. Some of the most recent include:
PRL Platinum Award – 2013, 2014, 2015
QRA Certificate of Merit – 2014, 2015
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Certificate – 2014, 2015
National Association of Professional Women Woman of the Year – 2013/2014

I have been practicing private nutrition consultation for more than 25 years, helping thousands of clients meet and exceed their goals through personalized, targeted health plans. I work hard to stay on the cutting edge of nutritional science, attending and often participating in seminars and lectures across the country.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Because, by drawing on my unique blend of classical medically-based nutrition training and experience, cutting edge genomics, integrative and blood-type protocols and over 20 years of clinical practice, I’ve developed a reputation as someone who can achieve dramatic health improvement without relying on extreme diets or potentially dangerous drugs. For more information or to get started improving your health, contact us today! We proudly provide service to patients throughout the Bedford, Armonk, and Chappaqua, NY areas.

You don’t have to take my word for it. I’m extremely proud of my success record, and I’m sure you’ll find the experiences of my patients interesting and informative.

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