Don’t play guessing games with your health.

Recently, a man came into the Khader Center for the first time; I’ll call him Sam. Without making eye contact with anyone, he walked to the product display, picked up a nutritional supplement, and brought it to the reception area to be rung up. Fortunately, I was at the front desk, and since I didn’t recognize him, I asked him if the supplement he’d chosen was effective for him.

“I don’t know,” Sam responded. “I’ve never used it before. My sister recommended it, and you’re the only place around that carries it.”

I asked him, as I always do in cases like this, “Do you want to see if it will work before you buy it?”

He was taken aback. “That’s okay. I’ll just try it for a couple weeks and see if I feel better.”

“But why waste time and money trying every possible product? There’s a much better way.”

Intrigued, Sam agreed, and we scheduled him for a Supplement Evaluation.

Why waste time and money guessing about supplements?

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a health food store, or my office for that matter, knows just how many options there are for nutritional supplements. Even when you eliminate the many low-quality and synthetic products, the range of possibilities can seem overwhelming.

Finding the right supplement used to be a matter of trial and error, supported by professional experience and some helpful intuition. But with so many options, even that could prove expensive and time-consuming. Recent technological advances and new testing methods have resulted in a precise, reliable, and noninvasive system of analysis that we call Supplement Evaluation.

Supplement Evaluation is quick, easy, inexpensive, and exceptionally effective.

We use a carefully selected combination of computer and manual biosurvey techniques to determine exactly what your body needs, and to which substances and energies it reacts best. By interpreting these findings, I can recommend the supplements that best address one’s unique needs and, sometimes even more importantly, won’t cause a negative reaction that will do more harm than good. In the end, you get the best option quickly, save money, and invariably feel better.

Clients are shocked by how well it works.

At Sam’s appointment, we discovered the supplement he’d selected wasn’t recommended for him at all. I gave him a similar supplement that would be much more effective, as well as some supportive products that would address other issues he had thought untreatable. He called back two weeks later to reorder everything. “It worked perfectly. I feel better than I have in twenty years.” I was so thrilled to hear it, and I told him how happy I was he’d agreed to be tested instead of guessing about supplements.

“His sister called us the next day to schedule her own appointment.”

Isn’t it time to say yes?

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