When Gina came in for her first clay packing session, she wasn’t very optimistic.

“I’ve had surgery on this hip three times,” she mentioned again. She had suffered from chronic pain for over ten years.

“That’s part of the problem,” I reminded her. “We’re not just addressing the original injury, but the trauma caused by repeated surgeries as well.”

She sighed. “I just don’t see what good it will do.”

You can do something about your chronic pain and health issues.

Clay packing is a time-honored tradition that crosses eras and cultures. Clay was recognized for its curative properties in ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan, and the Americas. The reason for this widespread use of clay for healing is simple: It’s very effective at addressing toxicity.

Your body is under constant attack.

Modern living standards and conveniences have created an environment overrun with heavy metals,radiation and chemicals, all of which are constantly absorbed by our bodies. Nutrient deficiencies, stress, exhaustion, and exertion all work together to overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification pathways. When our bodies can’t efficiently flush toxins, any trauma or injury is at risk of becoming a nexus of toxic activity. The increase of toxins at a point of injury creates a blockage, commonly referred to as an Interference Field, in the flow of bio-energy produced and maintained by the body. Scars, tattoos, surgeries, childhood injuries, vaccination points, and dental work are some of the most frequent causes of these Interference Fields.

Your body’s energy field is made up of meridians, energy conduits that directly influence key organs. If an Interference Field disrupts the energy flow of a meridian, it generally leads to decreased function of the associated organs over time. Usually the system weakness develops over the course of a few years, or even as long as decades.

Clay packing alleviates these trauma points, restoring healthy bioenergy flow.

Our goal in clay packing is straight-forward: we address the underlying trauma, as well as any residual trauma, through targeted application of specially mixed volcanic clay, restoring the body’s natural electrical circuit. Time and again, the results have been life-changing.

It’s time to say goodbye to chronic pain and residual trauma.

After Gina’s appointment, she scheduled another and said goodbye. It wasn’t until the next day that she called the office. “Dina, I didn’t even notice, but after the appointment yesterday, I walked down a flight of stairs and drove home and my hip didn’t hurt at all. That hasn’t happened in years!”

I was so glad to hear it. “Gina,” I laughed, “it only gets better from here!”

Here’s what some of my other clients have said about their clay packing experiences:

“I fell on my knee and the pain was constant. When I came in for my clay packing, I was in excruciating pain. The next day, there was no pain at all. I played tennis!”

“I heard about clay packing, and was skeptical until I tried it. I was very surprised at how well it works! I had blurriness in my eyes, so I had clay packing for that, and my eyes got clearer, my vision got stronger… it’s a very good thing.”

“When I got my first clay packing, I got instant relief. My shoulders just stopped hurting, and I was thrilled beyond belief. I also use it for digestion, and I feel so much better.”

“What has worked the best for me, out of all the treatments I’ve tried, was the clay pack. I felt like a veil had lifted from my head. I had this burst of energy… I didn’t even realize how bad it had been until the clay pack, and then I felt so good!”

Take control now.

If you suffer from chronic pain, ongoing health issues, or low energy, or just want to maximize your healthy living, clay packing will be a life-changing and irreplaceable aspect of your health and nutrition plan. Schedule an appointment today to discover the advantages of therapeutic claypacking for yourself.

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