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The Importance of Immune Health

Spring Alert

Spring is on the horizon, and there is no better time of year to get motivated to heal your body and embrace habits that will improve your health. I recently discovered some fantastic new research from Dr. Russell M. Jaffe about how bolstering your immune system and balancing your body’s pH can help heal your body and restore it to an optimal state of health.

Having a healthy immune system helps us defend ourselves from infections, allergens, and more.  But sometimes, our immune system becomes overwhelmed by sensitivities to food, chemicals, or our environment. This can lead to inflammation, which has been linked to chronic and autoimmune issues, weight problems, diabetes, and heart problems. When your immune system has to deal with this high level of stress, it makes it incredibly difficult for it to repair itself!

If you know you are sensitive to certain foods or environmental elements, the best thing you can do to boost your immune system is to eliminate the sensitivity from your diet or environment. Sometimes, identifying the issue can be difficult because some sensitivities don’t cause symptoms until hours, days, or even weeks after we’re exposed to them. 
At this point, working with your doctor or nutritionist will give you the resources you need to recover. They can test you for specific sensitivities and suggest an individualized supplement plan. In the meantime, taking a food based Vitamin C supplement and a food based multivitamin can help. 

In addition to immune system problems, another threat to healing is an overly acidic body pH. The American diet is loaded with fats, proteins, and simple sugars that are notorious for causing excessive acid production. When the body experiences a high acid load, it struggles to maintain its pH, which can lead to depleted levels of crucial minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. 
To get your body’s pH back in balance, eat alkaline forming foods like dandelion, berries, garlic, spices, lentils, sweet potatoes, and citrus fruits. Also make it a point to consume fewer acidic foods like processed flour, meat, alcohol, corn, dairy, and coffee. Taking additional magnesium can also help restore your body’s healing capabilities. You can find them on my online store here: 

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I hope you have some new inspiration for how you can promote healing and start getting healthier today!

Be healthy!

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