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The Incredible Benefits of Melatonin


Most of us have probably heard of melatonin, the hormone our bodies produce to help us get a good night’s sleep. But while you may know that melatonin can be a powerful sleep aid, it also has a wide variety of other incredible health benefits.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about simple steps you can take to increase your melatonin production to not only get more sleep, but to improve your overall health and wellness.

Produced by the pineal gland, melatonin supports our circadian rhythms, alerting us when it is time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. This is not all that melatonin does. Melatonin has also recently been shown to be a powerful antioxidant, supporting our brains as well as our cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. Research has demonstrated that melatonin can boost our immune systems by fighting inflammation, autoimmune diseases, Type 1 diabetes, neurological issues, cancer and more. It can also help us fight hypertension and atherosclerosis. It has even been shown to lower bad cholesterol by up to 38%.

Melatonin can also have a positive impact on our physical appearance and wellness. Studies have shown that it can help with weight loss, slow down the aging process, reduce stress, and enhance our endorphins to promote well-being.
So, how can you harness melatonin’s powers to make you look and feel better? One of the best things about melatonin is that you can increase your production of it naturally through simple lifestyle changes.

To improve your sleep and encourage your body to release melatonin, start by getting regular sun exposure during the day to balance your circadian rhythms. One hour before you go to bed make sure to turn off all electrical devices including laptops, televisions, internet routers, and other sources of electromagnetic frequencies. Make sure your room is completely dark, eliminating even minor light sources like night lights if you can. Total darkness increases the release of melatonin and stimulates your desire for sleep. Another good way to increase your melatonin production is to incorporate melatonin-containing foods into your diet. One example is tart cherries, tart cherry juice and tart cherry butter.

In addition to these natural remedies, taking a small dose of a melatonin supplement can often help you sleep and deliver the health benefits I’ve described. Most supplements contain far more melatonin than we actually need, so it’s a good idea to start with .25 mg and increase it as needed, up to 3 milligrams, until it helps you sleep. Keep in mind that taking too much melatonin can not only keep you awake at night, but it can make you feel drowsy the next morning, and it can create a negative mood.

I hope this alert has helped you learn more about how melatonin can support not only your sleep, but your overall health and well-being.
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Be healthy!

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