Optimal Nutrition: Now Available for Your Garden!

Good nutrition starts at home, and that goes double if you grow your own food!  The biggest problem with both vegetable and floral gardens is always getting lush, productive plants without using toxins or artificial chemical fertilizers.

The toughest obstacle to growing healthy plants is a lack of nutrients in the soil.  Remineralization is the process of returning key minerals and nutrients to the soil, and it has been used on a large scale since the 1980s to make previously barren regions fertile and lush.  Remineralization has been used to restore devastated rainforests in Costa Rica, and  to increase yields in some of the harshest soils in the world.

Now you can remineralize your home garden with soil additives from Premier Research Labs, one of the most trusted names in nutritional supplements.

Black Gold Humate is known as “Thousand Year-Old Compost.”  It is so dense with minerals and growth-enhancing natural acids that it can turn previously useless dirt into superior garden soil.  It helps maintain pH balance, one of the biggest factors in a healthy garden, and adds excellent moisture retention as well.

Dragonite is a carefully selected source of volcanic basalt minerals, the same types used to revive rainforests and reinvigorate agricultural soil worldwide.  Not only does Dragonite ensure nutrient-dense soil, but it helps grow nutrient-dense plants, as well, so not only are your plants healthier, but so are you.

Together, Black Gold Humate and Dragonite can work to make gardening easier, more productive, and more fulfilling.  If you would like more information about these impressive new products, please feel free to call my office at (914) 242-0124.

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