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Nobody likes getting older, but is aging inevitable?

Dina Khader Nutrition specializes in anti-aging programs. There is so much information (and misinformation) about aging and anti-aging out there these days, it can be really hard to separate the fact from the fiction. So it never surprises me when a client comes to me wondering where the marketing ends and the results begin. That’s just what happened when Greg walked into my office for the first time.

He was 54 at the time, and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. By just about anyone’s standards, he was living a dream life. He had a beautiful home, a loving wife, and gorgeous children. He had all the prestige that comes with financial success. He was friendly and charming and instantly likeable. But something was very wrong, and I saw it as soon as he walked into my office.

Greg may have been 54, but he looked closer to 74. He appeared gaunt and tired. His face was a mesh of lines and grooves on dry, dull skin. Receding, greying hair revealed tired, baggy eyes underneath. And that wasn’t even the worst of it.

Cosmetic aging is just a glimpse at what is happening inside the body.

A lifetime of long hours, stress, lost sleep, missed exercise, and poor nutrition had taken its toll. Like so many of my first-time clients, Greg’s suffering was due to rapid aging. He was on the path to heart disease and diabetes. His joints were stiff and his back seized up on him with frightening regularity. He constantly felt tired, he had very limited energy, and his mood and emotions swung wildly. His doctor had put him on “maintenance” medication that he’d never be able to stop taking, and told him he needed to accept his aging as natural.

“It might be natural,” I said to him matter-of-factly, “But it’s not unavoidable, and you certainly shouldn’t just accept it.”

And that was when something clicked. He just wanted permission to take control, and now he had it.

How old you are has shockingly little to do with how much you age.

You’ve seen it yourself: people older than you who seem to be brimming over with energy and good health.

Aging is an unavoidable aspect of life, but accelerated aging is a symptom of inflammation, and inflammation is a symptom of poor nutrition and physical trauma, not the passage of years. And while you can’t wind back the clock, you absolutely can roll back inflammation and the toll it has taken on your body… all those things you thought were just about “aging”. Once you get started, you can start feeling changes in weeks, or even days.

The real trick is locating the causes of your inflammation, and finding manageable ways to bring them under control.

an anti-aging program combining lifestyle changes and therapeutic treatments can put you back in control.

The first step in real, lasting anti-aging is finding out what is causing your inflammation. In my office, we use targeted questions, physical measurements, and a combination of manual and computerized biosurvey to get those answers. Once I know where the problems lie, we can start to address them.

I know your life isn’t going to stop for you, so I make it my mission to find methods that work for your lifestyle and your schedule. Healthy living doesn’t have to be as complex as you think. Knowing which foods help your body naturally reduce inflammation can help you make better choices, and the right supplements can help your body achieve the balance that might have come naturally when you were younger. Supervised detox can reduce the body’s toxic load, getting rid of poisons that have built up for years. Targeted therapeutic clay packing techniques can address nagging pain, low energy, and traumatic injuries that you might have even forgotten about, but that have hampered your health for decades.

This isn’t just theoretical. It works, with real, tangible outcomes.

In my 25 years of nutritional counseling, I have helped clients:

  • Plummet cholesterol by 100 points and drop heart disease markers.
  • Normalize blood sugar in as few as 3 days, reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight with minimal effort.
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate chronic pain, arthritis, and joint disease.
  • Improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures.
  • Increase energy, allowing for a younger, active lifestyle.
  • Enhance memory, focus, sharpness, and brain function.
  • Normalize sleep schedule and get deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.
  • Increase strength, balance, endurance, and athletic ability.
  • Reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, and look years younger.
  • Improve hair quality, thickness, and growth.
  • Balance moods and emotions for stability and overall happiness.

I would never say I can help every client achieve every one of these outcomes at the same level; each person is different, and I won’t make absurd promises. What I can tell you is that each of these problems, supposedly “unavoidable” consequences of aging, have been brought under control in my office, not by an ever-expanding regimen of pharmaceuticals with scary side-effects, but with natural, healthy, life-enhancing changes and therapies.

This isn’t clever marketing or empty promises. This is real science that I have spent my life pursuing and implementing.

Starting with your first visit, you and I will work together to:

  • Find the causes of your inflammation, both the ones you know about and the hidden ones.
  • Address your issues with targeted detoxification, supplementation, and therapeutic clay packing to create real, immediate change that you will feel.
  • Formulate a Lifetime Results Nutrition Plan tailored to your lifestyle and physical needs.

Getting older only means aging if you let it. Consider how much better you could feel next month, next year, and decades from now. Imagine being one of those older people that younger people envy.

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