GI Relief – Don’t Spend Your Life looking for The Nearest Bathroom

You know it’s not just in your head… and so do I.

It seems like, far too often, the treatment for GI problems ends at the diagnosis. That’s exactly what happened to my client, Vanessa. The first time she came into my office, she looked tired, and it didn’t take me long to realize why. She was tired of getting the run-around from medical professionals. She was tired of embarrassing pain at random, unpredictable times. She was tired of logging everything she ate without finding any patterns. She was tired of planning her life around public restrooms. And, most of all, she was tired of hearing, “I’m sorry, there’s not much else I can do.”

“My doctors make me feel like I’m harassing them,” she said, and my heart went out to her.

“I just want to feel like myself again.”

You can probably imagine how her face lit up when I told her, “You can.”

Vanessa and I worked together to develop a simple, effective nutrition plan to deal with her condition. She was amazed at how quickly we found the answers we were looking for, and how immediate the results were (and, by the way, that’s pretty normal). She gradually tapered off her medication, adjusted to changes, and within three months was living a life free from pain, embarrassment, and constraint. She cried when she told me she was planning a celebratory vacation in the Caribbean. “Dina,” she whispered through her beautiful, contagious smile, “I used to think I’d never be able to go to the beach again.”

Don’t accept “There’s nothing else we can do” for answer.

There is something you can do, and the best part is:

  • It doesn’t involve medication.
  • It doesn’t involve invasive or embarrassing testing.
  • It doesn’t involve a lifetime of logging and analysis.
  • It works for everyone, whether you suffer from IBS, colitis, diverticulitis, or any other GI related condition.
  • It works so quickly, most of my patients are taking their lives back within days of starting.

Working with your existing diagnosis, we’ll do some simple, noninvasive testing to find the source of your discomfort, and the things your body needs to compensate. Every person is different, and some people are surprised at the broad range of issues that invisibly contribute to gastro-intestinal problems. But once those issues are addressed – through supervised dietary changes, supplementation, and therapeutic clay packing – the results are immediate and extraordinary.

You can do this.

Vanessa wasn’t a fluke. Outcomes like hers happen every day at The Khader Center. When it happens to you, how will you celebrate?

Isn’t it time to say yes?

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