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A Special Way to Honor Our Mother’s


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, and many of us are thinking about a special way to honor our mothers for their integral role in our lives. If your impulse is to treat her to something decadent like candy, you probably know that many commercial candies are loaded with fat, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients.

What if, instead, you could show your love and appreciation by giving her a gift that will nourish her? One of the best ways to satisfy your mother’s sweet tooth while respecting her health is through the gift of dark chocolate, which is one of the healthiest sweets around.
Below, I will tell you more about the health benefits of high-quality dark chocolate, and share the story of my own dark chocolate, Dina’s Organic Chocolate.

Do you really need to avoid chocolate at all costs?

Many people (including many of my clients!) think they need to avoid chocolate at all costs because it’s on their list of “unhealthy foods.” While it’s not a good idea to replace fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods with chocolate, small doses of high-quality dark chocolate can actually be good for you. Giving yourself a sweet reward every once in a while is a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track with your diet and nutrition goals.

High-quality dark chocolate can actually be very healthy because it’s loaded with antioxidants that can support our immune system. It also contains cocoa phenols, which have been shown to lower blood pressure and have a positive impact on cardiovascular disease.
One struggle I’ve had in recommending chocolate to my clients is that high-quality dark chocolate is hard to find. So much of it is loaded with sugar, dairy, and other unhealthy ingredients. Even worse, a lot of these so-called high-quality chocolates don’t taste very good! For many years, I searched for ways to help my clients to enjoy the healthiest, most delicious dark chocolate possible, but none of them seemed quite right. Eventually, my quest led me to create my own chocolate.

I started by finding the highest quality, healthiest organic ingredients available.  Then I got to work, trying out many recipes, searching for one that would produce the perfect smooth, creamy, rich-tasting chocolate. Two years later, I had created my first chocolate bar: Dina’s Organic Chocolate Infused with Organic Japanese Green Tea.  I was totally overwhelmed by my clients’ response: they were thrilled to finally be able to eat a snack they enjoyed without feeling like they had failed at their nutritional goals.

Not only was it healthy, but people kept telling me it was the best chocolate they have ever had. This experience has motivated me to keep making chocolate my clients will love, and that they can feel good about eating. Today, Dina’s Organic Chocolate has evolved to include exciting varieties like Raw Almond, Goji Berry and Omega-3 Flax, and even dairy-free truffles.  It’s still made from healthy, 100% organic ingredients. Since it is dairy-free, gluten free, vegan, and low glycemic, nearly anyone can enjoy it, even those with dietary restrictions. It is also Fair Trade Certified.

I have put a lot of love into creating Dina’s Organic Chocolate. Whether you’re a mother and want to give yourself a little extra love or want to show your mother your appreciation through a healthy gift, I hope you’ll enjoy it. To read more about the story of my chocolate or to try some for yourself, visit my chocolate website at

If you have any further questions or concerns, call The Khader Center at (914) 752-2815.

Happy Mother’s Day and be healthy!

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