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The Khader Center is pleased to host personal training with our resident trainer, Donny Castaldo. Donny graduated from the State University of New York in Cortland with a degree in Health & Sport. Donny is responsible for his own training, which helped lead to a 2015 NCAA National Baseball Championship, and is responsible for helping many others find optimal health and fitness through personalized training regimens.

Donny is committed to safe, effective training using a combination of resistance bands and freeletics. He uses resistance bands because of their proven effectiveness in safe, consistent results. They naturally and gradually increase the intensity of your training as your strength and range of motion increase, and ensure a maximum number of muscle fibers are activated. They also minimize the effect of momentum, which makes exercise more effective, especially for beginners. You’ll see fast, tangible results, and have a program you can easily sustain.

It’s never too late to get a six-pack in six months. Having said that, are you looking to trim down your body fat, build up lean muscle, increase your flexibility, and enhance your cardiovascular health? If the answer is yes, then the personal training at Khader Center is perfect for you! – Donny Castaldo

Why use a personal trainer?

Why use a personal trainer? The answer is simple: results. Utilizing the experience and expertise of a personal trainer is simply an irreplaceable tool on the journey to optimal health and fitness. Most people don’t know the most effective ways to train, and there is so much conflicting advice and information that it’s hard to know where to start. Safety is also an important consideration; poor exercise choice or incorrect form can lead to injuries that might set you back weeks, months, or permanently. Not only will a personal trainer offer you a safe, effective program, they can watch you train and adjust your workout appropriately, making sure your workouts are as effective as possible while ensuring you don’t push yourself beyond safe limits.

To schedule a personal training appointment with Donny Castaldo, call The Khader Center at (914) 242-0124.

Why Resistance Bands?

By Donny Castaldo

A lot of people ask why I choose to focus on resistance bands instead of free weights for my personal training regimens. Free weights are very effective, and I’ve certainly used them myself to great effect. But when it comes to comparing the two, resistance bands just offer too many advantages to overlook.

What do Free Weights and Resistance Bands have in common?

► Both build muscle by offering resistance.
► Both allow a free range of motion.
► Both allow variable speed of movement.
► Both allow progressive resistance.

So what sets resistance bands apart as a superior option?

► Resistance bands do not rely on gravity. Free weights rely on gravity to provide resistance. That means they only work on a vertical plane. Resistance bands offer greater freedom of movement because they work on a horizontal plane.

Resistance bands provide continuous tension to the muscles being trained. Because free weights only work on a horizontal plane, at various points in the motion, the tension on the target muscles is removed. For example, when doing bicep curls, from about halfway up to the top of the motion, the biceps are not experiencing resistance, because the weights are no longer moving on the vertical plane. Resistance bands continue to work on the horizontal plane, keeping the tension where it belongs.

When using resistance bands, as the range of movement increases, so does the resistance. This leads to an increase in used muscle fibers, and movement that adapts to muscle strength, tone, and size. This is not possible with free weights.

Resistance bands prevent “cheating”. When using free weights, there is a tendency to use momentum to reduce the effort required of muscles. Resistance bands do not use momentum, and so this sort of accidental cheating won’t limit results.

Resistance bands offer more tangible results. The increasing resistance of resistance bands causes many people to feel a stronger, more evident burn and heightened muscle fatigue during the workout, increasing effectiveness.

Resistance bands require less initial investment and less space than free weights. Because free weights require a number of different positions to allow for a full range of exercise, multiple large benches must be used, causing an expense of money and space. Resistance bands are relatively inexpensive and can be used in a much smaller space.

But it’s not just about observations and experience. Scientific studies support the use of resistance bands for strength training.

► A study published in a 1998 issue of American Journal of Sports Medicine, reported that collegiate tennis players who trained using elastic bands increased their shoulder strength and the speed of their tennis serve.
► A study from Louisiana State University discovered that resistance band training programs strengthen rotator cuff muscles of collegiate baseball players better than a program that used free-weight dumbbells.
► A study done at Truman State University found that athletes who included elastic resistance training in their programs had a significantly greater increase in strength and power as compared to those who only utilized free-weight resistance training .
► Another study, performed at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, reported in a 2006 that when athletes used elastic band training in addition to free-weight training they had significantly more leg power than when they only utilized free-weight training.

As you can see, resistance bands are a fast, safe, and very effective way to strengthen muscles through targeted resistance. I invite you to try them to see the difference for yourself, and would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to show you how to get the most from your training regimen.

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