Therapeutic Clay Packing

In 2010, The Khader Center began offering therapeutic clay packing services, and in that time, we have found that it is one of the simplest and most effective detoxification procedures we have ever seen. The number of people who have seen profound improvement by clay packing has been staggering, and because of its consistent results, we have made it a cornerstone of our practice. Put simply, no matter what health improvement you are looking to make, clay packing will help you make it faster, more completely, and with longer-lasting results.

What does a therapeutic clay pack do?

The quick explanation is this: Clay packs draw toxins out of the body, relieving blockages that cause and encourage pain, inflammation, chronic illness, and a host of other health issues.

We are surrounded by toxins in our environment, and even when we try our best to minimize exposure, toxins accumulate in the body. Often, this accumulation occurs at points of traumatic injury. An old scar, a broken bone from childhood, or a surgical site could all be the locus for damaging toxin activity in the body. This accumulation happens over the course of years or even decades, and often the original injury is forgotten by the time symptoms begin to show.

Because our bodies are finely-tuned machines, any accumulation of toxins risks disrupting our internal mechanisms. Usually this occurs because a toxic site blocks a meridian, one of the bio-energy circuits that run across the entire body. A meridian blockage can cause far reaching problems, as a blockage along a meridian can cause issues anywhere along that path; for instance, a shoulder injury might eventually cause digestive problems when the meridian that energizes the stomach is blocked. Treatments to directly address the digestive issues may be effective, but often the best way to ensure permanent success is to eradicate the toxic blockage.

A clay pack, strategically placed to address the blockage, is the most effective means of addressing this problem. The clay packs are made from carefully-selected volcanic clays, high in cell resonance and beneficial minerals. This clay carries a highly negative ionic charge. Toxins in the body are positively-charged, so when the clay pack is applied, the opposite charges are chemically attracted to one another, and the toxins are drawn into the clay and out of the body. The physical response to this is immediate and profound. While the detoxification process is physically straining and tiring, nearly everyone reports feeling notably better immediately after the clay pack procedure.

What can you expect?

Before your appointment, you should eat well and feel fully nourished, as the detoxification process is energy-intensive. During the procedure, we will help by making sure you are supported with carefully-selected supplementation. You will also need to be sure to eat healthy and light for the following twenty-four hours to allow your stomach to process the toxins to be expelled.

When you first arrive, you will go through what is called download testing via a process called QRA Analysis. This noninvasive, manual energetic testing evaluates the most common points of bio-energy blockage in the body – specifically, the hands and feet. Our bodies attempt to move toxins as far as possible from internal organs, so our hands and feet are often where these toxins are stored, and we refer to these as the download points. Toxin accumulation at these points makes it very difficult to address blockages in other parts of the body, so they must be addressed first. After your downloads are tested, further QRA testing will determine the location of the blockage causing your concerning issue.

Based on the results of your download testing, you will start clay packing to relieve your download points if necessary. This is a simple, relaxing procedure. Fresh clay will be mixed specifically for your issues, and applied to the skin. It is important for you to be relaxed and comfortable during this time, so we will offer you a quiet, calming environment where you can simply rest as the clay does its work. Many people experience significant relief from the download procedure alone.

Once this is finished, more clay packs will be applied, one at a time, this time directly to the affecting blockage. Multiple clay packs at various blockage points may be necessary to fully treat even a single original complaint, but it is important to note that the detoxification process is tiring, and we will not apply more clay packs than your body can handle. Follow-up treatments are typically scheduled within two weeks to finish the process, so that your body has time to rest. During this two-week period, retesting is provided free of charge to determine if any further clay packing would be beneficial.

What are the results?

Consistently, we have found that the most common result of therapeutic clay packing is profound and long-lasting relief of the original complaint. This video contains testimonials from many clients who have graciously agreed to share their experiences.

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