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Vitamin C and Cancer Prevention

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As the second leading cause of death in the United States, cancer will touch many of our lives at one point or another. While the quest for cancer cures is ongoing, exciting new research has made us aware of an incredible new element in the fight against cancer: Vitamin C.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about the latest research and what we’ve learned about how to use vitamin C to prevent and treat cancer through simple nutritional choices.

A new study led by Dr. Michael P. Lisanti and published in Oncotarget medical journal has uncovered that Vitamin C has the power to target and destroy cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are responsible for creating new cancer stem cells and tumors.

This research is so exciting because vitamin C has actually been shown to prevent cancer from spreading. In fact, it is 10 times more capable of killing cancer stem cells than typical treatments like experimental drugs.This research follows the findings of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, the first person to discover that vitamin C was able to fight cancer. In addition, studies published in the medical journal Science showed that taking high-dose vitamin C can help treat colorectal cancer.

Since the studies are relatively new, doctors are not yet certain how much vitamin C is required to destroy cancer stem cells. Although the recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 90 milligrams, this is often considered too low a dose for things like fighting disease. This is because when we are stressed, our adrenal glands go into overdrive and we deplete our vitamin C stores quickly.

In addition, vitamin C is water soluble. Since our bodies do not store it, we need to ingest it on a daily basis to prevent symptoms of deficiency like hair loss, weak bones, bruising, and fatigue. Many professionals recommend taking 2000 milligrams or more of vitamin C per day to ensure that we’re fully supporting our health.

Of course, vitamin C is also widely found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of the best sources include fruits like oranges and grapefruit, strawberries, guavas, camu camu and pomegranates. Elderberries also contain a lot of vitamin C. Since higher doses are often needed to fight disease, it’s a good idea to supplement in addition to eating a largely plant-based diet.

In addition to its potential disease-fighting capabilities, vitamin C has a variety of other health benefits, making it a popular supplement. It is essential for strong teeth and bones, good digestion, wound healing, and even producing collagen which keeps your skin looking youthful. So trying it out is a win-win!

I hope this article has encouraged you to take the initiative to improve your health now and in the future.

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Be healthy!

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