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Dina is a registered dietitian and integrative nutrition consultant with a Master of Science degree in nutrition from New York Medical College. She is also a Master Fellow and featured presenter with the Institute for Human Individuality. With a nationally-acclaimed private nutrition practice with over 25 years experience, Dina has studied with some of the leading-edge functional medicine doctors around the world.


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Featured Strategies

Weight Loss

The vast majority of people who come to Dina for weight loss solutions don’t have any horrible genetic predisposition to being obese or medical condition that’s stopping them from losing weight. They’re just eating in a way that wars with their blood type.


Your years on the planet have much less to do with how your body is aging than you think. The real culprits are “inflammation, underuse and misuse.” You’ll look and feel renewed when you commit to reclaiming the energy, vitality and health you had.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a complex disease. The effectiveness of nutritional treatment depends on how early it is started. While nutritional therapy can’t cure cancer, it can give you back the ability to move through your treatment with more dignity and sense of control.

Immunity + Allergy

Allergies are a symptom of an over-active immune system. While strong immunity is usually a good thing, sometimes the body gets into a feedback loop of stimulus and immune response, usually due to toxicity in the body.

GI Relief

Sufferers of gastrointestinal complications often grow tired of making plans around known bathroom spots, tired of living a life crippled by enduring pain and waning confidence, and most of all, tired of doctors saying “we’ve done what we can…”

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The Life Saving Benefits of Optimal Nutrition

  Cheryl has been a long time client of mine. Being as she is a relatively happy and healthy yoga instructor, I was taken completely off guard when she came to see me just a few months ago. She had always been so full of life, but her health had taken a drastic turn. She had suddenly found herself suffering from severe anxiety, fatigue, rapid heart rate, digestion and bladder issues, and weakness. Her situation had grown increasingly unbearable to the point where somedays she could barely even get up in the morning. Cheryl refused to give up on herself. She...
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Back to School Assessments for Academic Excellence

If you're a student, or the parent of a student, you're probably already thinking about going back to school. If excellence is the goal this coming school year, good nutrition should be the first step. Research shows that nutrition plays an incredibly important role in academic performance; one study predicted that every dollar spent improving a child's nutrition could produce three times the value in academic improvement. I don't only have studies to look at when it comes to nutrition and education; many of my clients have been students, and some have come to see me specifically in regards to academic...
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Remote Zyto Testing

Your Key to Expanding the Reach of Khader Center Services For the past 9 years, The Khader Center has used computerized biocommunication to analyze the health status of our clients, and the results have been truly amazing. Clients have been stunned by the accuracy of the test results, and by the consistently positive changes in their health that occur when those results are used to create a health plan. The results are so precise and so accurate, we have even picked up on early signs of organ distress before it had appeared on lab testing. By analyzing the findings and...
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