Cancer Success Stories

“Patients just kept doing well with Dina’s advice.”

Oncologist Dr. Arthur Goldberg, MD, discusses the success his patients have had when using Dina Khader’s nutrition plans while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Arthur Goldberg | MD

“I sailed through both chemo and radiation.”

When I had my 2nd mastectomy, I was referred to Dina. My cholesterol was also high. I sailed through both chemo and radiation with no hair loss and no side effects – and my cholesterol came done to the correct level. I was great for 12 years, and then the cancer returned – so the first thing I did was to go see Dina – and she gave me a regimen that fit my current situation.

I still have my hair even though I go to aggressive chemo each week. I still go to 3 exercise classes a week, and I still perform on stage and run my house.

Marvelle Gilbert | 85 YRS OLD

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” Dina has given me a true path to better health. “

denise carbone

Dina has helped me to feel confident about the supplements to take and not to take during my bout with breast cancer. I have been able to appreciate a healthier life style and feel good about the food that I eat and know that I am not contributing to any harm in my body now or in the future.

What I especially like about her is the little tips and tidbits that I receive all through the year and I always feel comfortable calling and or e-mailing my questions to the office. I feel Dina has given me a true path to better health in the future and I trust in her and I am truly blessed to have crossed her path. I can only pray others will be as fortunate.

” My oncologist was very impressed. “

j k

I believe it was God who was going before me when I found Dina through unusual chance happenings at just the time I was to start chemo. Her advice, caring and supplements brought me through fourteen months of heavy duty chemo free from any colds, gum problems, nausea, cold sores, etc. My oncologist was very impressed as he was aware of all the supplements I was receiving.

My recovery was amazing as I had fourteen out of sixteen lymph nodes invaded. I believe it was the plan of a Holy God for him to use the care, love, prayers and skills and encouragement of many people. Dina, you were a huge part of this as you kept a positive and caring spirit through my ups and downs.

” My doctor was surprised that the cancer was completely gone. “

markus karr

I had stage 4 colon cancer which had spread to the liver. My oncologist considered it inevitable that after the initial tumor removal and chemotherapy, a large portion of my liver would have to be removed to eliminate the cancer. On the chance that there was some component(s) of my everyday life and habits that had contributed to the development of the cancer, I made a determination to drastically change elements of my physical and spiritual life. One of the crucial elements of this plan was to alter my diet to be as optimal as possible, and that is what Dina did for me. She carefully screened my diet to meet my specific needs, and I have religiously followed this diet for 2 years.

My doctor was surprised that the cancer in the liver was completely gone after the chemotherapy. We have been scanning every 3 months since then, and thus far (knock on wood) the tests have continued to come up negative. I have consistently maintained my weight at a level 40 lbs. off of my peak. I would encourage anyone interested in improving their overall health, or those with specific health concerns, to consult with Dina.

GI Success Stories

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” I have never felt better. “

carol bloom stevens

There isn’t anything Dina Khader doesn’t know about nutrition and the human body. I had come to her frustrated, feeling really lethargic and suffering from headaches. It seems that I was overdoing my intake of wheat. Too much pasta. Too much bread. But she got me on track with the proper diet and supplements and I have never felt better. I would recommend her to anyone who has a nagging problem that they cannot solve on their own.

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” After a year I was totally cured and off all medications. “

g g

I met Dina Khader during a time in my life when I was struggling with acid reflux disease. I had seen many gastroenterologists for over a year and was taking more than one medication. My reflux did not improve and I was feeling very defeated and depressed. I met Dina and within minutes she reassured me that she could help and she did. First Dina looked at the results of my blood tests and other procedures that were performed under the care of my gastroenterologists. Then she advised me to follow a diet for my blood type. This diet helped to put less stress on my body and helped to build up my immune system. Dina also prescribed a few supplements enzymes, calcium, and licorice tablets.

Her suggestions helped tremendously and after a year I was totally cured and off all medications. I learned a lot from Dina and have continued to follow many of her suggestions. I subscribe to many health newsletters and not once did I read anything that went against Dina’s advice. Her advice today is the same as it was over ten years ago. Although she continues to research and learn more about diseases and genetics her advice is solid and does not change with trends. I feel blessed having met Dina and her caring staff. Thanks Dina!

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” My acid reflux was completely gone. “

denise colon

Before working with Dina, I was 30 pounds overweight, suffered from chronic acid reflux, had extremely irregular bowel movements and was generally unhappy with myself. My initial reason for visiting Dina was to address my inability to lose weight. Within three weeks of my first visit, my acid reflux was under control, my bowel movements were regular, and I had lost eight pounds.

After three months of working with Dina and following her meal plans, my acid reflux was completely gone, I had lost 28 pounds and I felt and looked great.Her staff is always bright, cheery and helpful. Following Dina’s plan is a way of life. It is not dieting nor is it about depriving oneself. It is simply learning how your body works and how it reacts to good and bad foods.

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” I cannot give Dina up. “

l f

Before seeing Dina I had digestive problems, and had terrible allergy attacks which often turned into sinus infections. I was frustrated and did not know what to do when someone told me about Dina. I was not sure what to expect when I went to see Dina, but was surprised at how much better I felt within one month after following the regime she suggested.

Since seeing Dina I make better food choices, and have seen a big improvement in with digestive problems. I have fewer allergy attacks and have not had one sinus infection.Dina’s staff is absolutely wonderful, they are knowledgeable, helpful, sympathetic and always cheerful. Even though I moved to California two years ago, I cannot give Dina up, we now connect via telephone.

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” My family has me back. “

michele oppizzi

Life before Dina was poor. I had a constant stomach ache, no energy, fatigued for no reason, moody, my stomach was bloated and I looked 4 months pregnant. I had awful stomach pain and discomfort. My bowel movements were irregular.The quality of my life was sad and depressing. I would wake up and see how I felt before I made plans. I would cancel plans if I was too uncomfortable with my stomach. I sounded like a broken record. “I have a stomach ache” that seemed to be all I said. Or “I can’t go to the bathroom” I was sad but thought if this is what 40 is all about then ok I have to move on.

When I first saw Dina my expectations were simple, I just wanted to feel good. However in the first week I had a ton more energy my bowel movements were more regular than they had been in years and the bonus… I lost about 9 pounds! For a few years I was gaining even to my best efforts I would exercise and I thought I was eating a healthy diet. However I found out what I was eating was not beneficial for my blood type. It was hurting me.

A year later I have lost close to 28 pounds and I have never felt better!I wake ready to go and ready to handle anything. My family has me back. I feel so happy and lucky to be a client of Dina’s. She is truly remarkable and my true lifesaver!

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” There can only be one Dina Khader. “

daniel nascimento

My original visit to Dina was to address a recurring issue I was having with Heart Burn/Acid Reflux, following medical advice (duh!) I was on Prilosec and a very restrictive diet of No spices, No Sparkling anything, etc. for over 2 months.That did not work! So I pursued another avenue with a local Nutritionist which further restricted my diet and prescribed small snacks (chips etc) to retrain the way I was eating (duh!)After doing this for a couple of months I finally came to see Dina. All the things that I have ever learned about Nutrition were clarified in a systematic and logical way. I Understood what my nutrition requirements were..

I have since come off of the Prilosec and the weird food and am finally Reflux free now for over 2 years, feeling healthy and strong eating whole foods and staying away from medications.There can only be one Dina Khader. I am glad I was able to find her.

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” Dina regulated my stomach problems when no one else could! “


Dina and her whole staff have been marvelous, Patient and caring, Dina regulated my stomach problems when no one else could! She also put me on a sensible diet that any person could follow with ease. Her protein powder is the best!

” Even my doctor said the results were nothing short of astounding. “


I was diagnosed with spastic colitis at the age of fourteen. I had problems off and on through my teens and my twenties. My symptoms included a constant imbalance between constipation and excessive colon activity, cramping, pain, bloating and a very irritable bowel. At the age of 32, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and put on an anti-inflammatory drug typically used to treat the symptoms, but not cure the condition. For the next 20 years, I had numerous colonoscopies, biopsies, and tried a wide variety of medications.

By age 52, I had been hospitalized once, had had several bouts of severe ulcerative colitis and the disease was proving difficult to control. I had no energy, my digestive system was controlling my life, everything that I ate made me feel unwell, I planned everything I did around the location of bathrooms and my energy levels, I had chronic fatigue, and chronic pain.

My sister recommended Dina Khader to me. She had been working with Dina very successfully, and was convinced that Dina would be able to help me because she had made such a difference in my sister’s life. I was nervous about making such a huge change in my diet, but Dina was so knowledgeable, so kind and caring, that I was confident that she would be able to make a difference in my life.

The results? I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months. My recent colonoscopy on June 30th revealed a normal colon with the colitis under control. This is a report that I have not gotten in twenty years. My husband constantly tells me that I look great, and that I look at least ten years younger! My daughters notice my higher energy levels, the improvement in my mood and the fact that I do not constantly say that I am feeling unwell anymore! I accomplish so much more at work, and I am able to get so much more done in my life in general. My colleagues at work are amazed at the change in me. I am still getting compliments about how well I look, and I have been at this new weight for a year! Everyone tells me that I have a new sparkle in my eyes, that my whole countenance has changed.

My results have been, in the words of one of my doctors, nothing short of astounding. I am very grateful to Dina, and to everyone in her office. I continue to consult with Dina from time-to-time to stay on track, and to continue to learn more about nutrition.

” For the first time in years I do not suffer from any digestive problems. “

patricia mcnamee

I had dealt with serious digestive problems until I consulted with Dina. I had seen many nutritionists over the years – without much success. After consulting with Dina, she devised a personal nutritional program for me. For the first time in many years I do not suffer from any digestive problems – thanks to Dina’s advice and care!

” Dina Khader has helped me where no other practitioner has been able to. “

sharon neier

Dina Khader has helped me where no other practitioner has been able to. I have a sluggish bowel and gastritis. A combination of her supplements,diet,and other useful tips has helped me tremendously. Dina looked at the full picture of what was going on with me, unlike anyone else.

I am very grateful for her help and I know I can depend on her in the future if I need help.

” Thank you, Dina! “

r r

Since meeting with Ms. Khader and following her suggestions re: eating and dietary supplements, I have not had one (not one) incident with acid reflux nor an upset stomach.

SO pleased. Thank you, Dina!

” While my doctors suggested vague dietary plans, Dina’s was specific. “

abe silverman

I went to Dina Khader because I was having difficulties with digestion and wanted to improve my general well-being. I really did not have any expectations other than I had been given Dina’s name by a friend. By following Dina’s advice and changing my eating habits and by taking certain supplements my digestive problems went away and my energy level went up.

Her staff has been very helpful. While my doctors suggested vague dietary plans, Dina’s was specific. She worked with my doctor’s input and went on from there.

” Dina’s analysis and advice just simply works. “

diana allocco

For my entire adult life I was plagued with digestive issues; thanks to Dina’s diet and supplement solutions, I can now live totally normally, with zero problems! (I also lost 30 pounds.) I have recommended Dina to everyone I know her analysis and advice just simply works. Dina is one of the very, very few individuals I’ve found, in my 55 years on this earth, to be utterly, reliably brilliant and genuinely able to help people feel better.

” Dina’s advice and support have made a world of difference. “

c c

I have suffered with IBS for years and Dina’s advice and support have made a world of difference. Dina’s Enzyme 2000, which I have been taking for years, has helped so much to relieve the abdominal pain I suffered with. The entire staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Dina to my friends and family.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Programs Chappaqua, NY

” By the summer I was down 40 pounds and in a two-piece bathing suit. “

debbie kase

I have known Dina since her start in this field. We go way back. I was very frustrated. I was 40 lbs overweight. Dina had started her practice at a gym which I belonged to. I gave it lots of thought and decided to try her out. I always had trouble eating vegetables, cooked and uncooked, and thought I could never loose weight.

I stared with her in February of that year and the weight started to come off pretty fast. I was young! The she suggested I do some exercise, telling me I might loose weight faster. So much to my dismay I started to work out and loved it. By the summer I was down 40 pounds and in a two piece bathing suit, and I was a mother of 2! Have kept my weight down and still see Dina once in a while to keep me balanced.

Weight Loss Programs Bedford, NY

” The results were amazing. “

tracy gillman

Dina and her staff are experts at what they do. I always looked forward to my office visits and the results were amazing. I lost close to 40 pounds in four months. Dina is extremely thorough and takes every measure to make sure that you are taking the correct vitamin and nutritional supplements combined with the right foods to not only help you lose weight but to make you feel great. Dina has a passion for what she does and always has the answers to get the best results. Her nutritional counseling was almost hypnotic. I highly recommend Dina Khader to anyone looking to improve their life.

Anti Aging Programs Bedford, NY

” I loved that every day I would see the pounds sloughing off. “

annette aspillaga

I started going to Dina Khader hoping to improve my eating habits and become healthier. I wouldn’t be honest if I did not say that I was also hoping to loose weight for a family wedding. Prior to meeting with Dina my lifestyle was busy running after 2 toddlers and not paying much attention to what I ate or how I ate it. I am intelligent enough to know when something is good for you or bad for you and truthfully to some degree we all know how to eat well.

A friend told me about Dina and the initial detox you go through. I loved that every day I would look at myself and see the pounds sloughing off. I felt a bit like I was letting go of this extra weight that was insulating me and keeping me from living a better life! During my appointments with Dina she was always so nice and positive and her staff were lovely, always helpful and pleasant to see! The one thing that Dina kept pushing me towards and it took me some time to commit too was exercise. Through exercise and better nutrition I feel more positive and lighter in spirit and body.

For me the fact that Dina’s program can be so strict at the beginning, really makes me think more about how food affects me and I am better able to make healthier choices. I also allow myself to eat things that are “unhealthy” now and again but I don’t crave them in the same way. I have found that by eating this way I stay healthier and don’t get sick like I used to and my outlook and energy are better than ever. Thanks, Dina, for everything.

Anti Aging Programs Chappaqua, NY

” We are very happy clients! “

mary denise verses

Nick and I both came to Dina as we were both feeling a bit sluggish and overweight. I wanted to lose 5-10 pounds and Nick, 20+. Dina and her staff are extremely professional, courteous and most important knowledgeable! We both went on a detox program and now do it a few times a year along with a physical regimen to stay in shape from the inside out!

Although Nick and I have now moved from NY to Texas, we can still order Dina’s products from her website. We continue to love the Detox program, the Green Tea and the chocolate bars! Nick and I are very happy clients and would gladly recommend Dina and her staff to anyone who wants to be proactive about their health! Thanks Dina!

Anti Aging Programs Armonk, NY

” I felt better immediately after my first visit with Dina. “

sharon sorken

My first visit with Dina was about 4 months ago. I was feeling depressed, no energy, with sinusitis and having hot flashes constantly. I attributed this partially to being overweight. I was not enjoying my life as much as I thought I should.I felt better immediately after my first visit with Dina. I enjoyed the office atmosphere and the staff. We set goals for my weight and addressed my health in general. Four months later, I have lost 12 pounds, have lots of energy, and I am experiencing a feeling of well-being.I have recommended Dina to my friends with confidence.

” Dina got me into AMAZING shape! “

d b

I met Dina right after I delivered my 3rd child. I had 80 lbs to lose and I did so, following Dina’s advice and got into AMAZING shape.

Dina has changed my life, truly. My health, energy and clarity have all improved from following her recommendations. Dina’s program has become part of my family’s lifestyle. We believe in her and her wisdom implicitly. We all follow her recommendations.

I recommend Dina to everyone I know is considering changing their health by improving their nutrition. I am a huge fan of hers!

” I am so ecstatic about the results! “


For years, I had tried many popular diets (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach). I would lose weight and eventually gain it back, plus. After having a child, I had many health problems. I was overweight, had high cholesterol and triglycerides, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Syndrome, and was pre-diabetic.

The Khader diet is very different from the aforementioned diets because it’s tailored to you, specifically. At the very first visit, Dina took the time to get family history and personal health information. She created a diet based on foods that I enjoyed within my blood type group, which would also help my health issues.

What I specifically like about this diet is that I can enjoy real food, not frozen meals that don’t teach you how and what to eat properly. I also don’t have to count calories. Most of all, I like the personal attention given by Dina and her staff. They are just as enthusiastic about my improvements as I am. Whenever I have questions or concerns, they are happily addressed.

I am so ecstatic about the results! Not only have I have lost a significant amount of weight, but more importantly, I no longer have ANY of the pre-mentioned health issues. My doctors are also astounded at the results and have asked for Dina’s information to recommend to their other patients. I am greatly appreciative of Dina’s research and continued efforts to improve the health of people in a friendly, highly effective manner.

” Dina has turned my life around. “

peggy sweeney

Dina has certainly turned my life around. When I came for my first appointment about 2 years ago, I was 40 pounds overweight, had no energy and had been suffering from a lung disease called Brocholitis Oblitherans with Organizing Pneumonia “BOOP” for about 8 years. After being diagnosed with BOOP, my doctor put me on steroids for a year, which saved my life but caused me to gain a hugh amount of weight. After many years of trying to take the weight off on my own, a friend told me about Dina and her program. After just a month, my energy level had doubled and I dropped about 8 pounds. After a year of being on Dina’s program, I went back to my pulminologist for a lung scan only to find that after 8 years I was finally cured – my lungs were totally clean.

Not only did I get healthy, but I finally lost the 40 pounds. It’s been two years now. I’m still healthy and maintaining my weight. By taking Dina’s vitamins, following her eating program, and exercising, I find that even when the people around me get sick – my husband, children, co-workers – I stay healthy. I am forever grateful!

” My doctors were amazed! “

n d g

Before I began seeing Dina Khader twenty years ago, I obsessed over my weight and exercised to the point of injury every day, but because I never really thought about what I put into my body, I remained flabby, overweight, and unhappy. Today, thanks to Dina’s patience and persistence over the years, I have lost twenty pounds, no longer obsess over my weight, and, with an occasional visit to Dina’s office, I am able to make healthy, educated food choices.

A few months ago I visited Dina because I was about to have major surgery. She “tuned up” my diet and suggested some supplements. I took her advice and was able to make a record recovery. My doctors were amazed!

” Very caring and very helpful. “

vickie faber

I want to say that my experience with Dina was very good for me. I found Dina to be very caring and very helpful. The vitamins and food choices she suggested I use made me feel energetic and helped with weight loss. Dina’s staff was also knowledgeable and were always helpful any time I called.

” Dina changed my life! “

angela derosa

Dina changed my life! I had a weight problem do to thyroid issues and she pinpointed the problem. With the correct supplements and a simple food plan based on my blood type, the weight came off quickly. I felt great and regained my confidence back. Dina and her staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and are always willing to help. Also, her products are the best out there!

” Her advice has helped me recalibrate. “

d s

In spite of considerable effort applying practices that had been successful previously, I found it quite difficult to lose 10 pounds necessary to fit comfortably in my business wardrobe. I was aware of Dina through work colleagues who had success with weight loss, so I decided to seek her assistance.

Over the four months following my initial visit, I lost the 10 pounds by implementing Dina’s recommendations. Her advice has helped me recalibrate an appropriate approach for my age

with respect to diet and weight maintenance. Dina listened well and made specific recommendations which were both insightful and responsive to my concerns. Her orientation includes a respect for conventional medical practice along with an extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of holistic health approaches.

” It is a change I look forward to. “

v s

I have been on the program or about 9 weeks, I have seen positive changes in my body and how I feel. Even though it is a lifestyle change in how I eat moving forward,it is a change that I look forward to doing to accomplish my goals.

” Dina has given me the tools to live a healthy life. “

p g l

I have had an amazing experience with Dina and her staff.

Dina and her staff are extremely knowledgeable. Dina continues to attend workshops and seminars to expand her knowledge to offer new suggestions and new methods to her clients. Dina listened to my goals and objectives and took into consideration my work schedule and long hours to create a plan that worked for me.

The final result is that I exceed my goals, but more importantly learned how to eat based on my body. Before I went to the Dina Khader I could not understand why I could not loose the weight. Dina has given me the tools to live a healthy life.

” I am down over 70 pounds. “

l a

I came to see Dina in May of 08 and had been frustrated because all my attempts at weight loss had been failing. No matter how I tried I could not lose weight and I had a great amount of weight to loss. I began to see Dina and follow her program which included learning to eat the foods which were right for my genotype as well as taking the supplements she thought would be good for me. From the first week I began losing weight and have done so almost every week after.

At this point I am down over 70 pounds. More important is I feel so much better, both because of the weight loss but also I just physically feel better. I have always had problems with my stomach, bloating, pain for examples and have since not experienced these symptoms.

It has always been a pleasure to come to the office as everyone has always been so supportive and helpful. I would strongly suggest that if you are frustrated and think that nothing will work to help you accomplish your goals, rethink and head straight to Dina’s office where you will find help.

” I lost the 10 pounds by implementing Dina’s recommendations. “

d s

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy good health into my 50’s through appropriate diet and exercise. However, in spite of considerable effort applying practices that had been successful previously, I found it quite difficult to lose 10 pounds necessary to fit comfortably in my business wardrobe. I was aware of Dina through work colleagues who had success with weight loss, so I decided to seek her assistance.

I came to Dina expecting observations and feedback about my existing diet, a recommended protocol for weight loss, and advice and suggestions regarding my well being in general. Over the four months following my initial visit, I lost the 10 pounds by implementing Dina’s recommendations. Just as important, I continued to consult with Dina to reinforce and adjust practices required for me to maintain the weight loss over the subsequent year and a half. Her advice has helped me recalibrate an appropriate approach for my age with respect to diet and weight maintenance.

Dina’s approach seems comprehensive. The initial questionnaire included all areas I believe are relevant to analyze what’s appropriate for a given individual. I enjoyed our initial consultation. Dina listened well and made specific recommendations which were both insightful and responsive to my concerns. Her orientation includes a respect for conventional medical practice along with an extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of holistic health approaches.

Anti-Aging Success Stories

Weight Loss Programs Chappaqua, NY

” People think my 25 year-old daughter is my sister. “

cynthia massari

In the Fall of 1994 I had my first appointment with Dina Khader. Needless to say, she changed my life in the most dramatic way. Her age-defying regimen of blood type/genotype diet, cutting edge supplements, and Jurlique skin care ritual have shaped my fifteen years with her in a way I could never have imagined! The energy, health and happiness that follows when you feel this way is priceless.

I continue to follow this lifestyle because it works! I’ve lost and now maintain my weight, my hormones are balanced, my blood work is excellent, my skin is glowing and people think that my 25 year old daughter is my sister or friend! I am grateful to Dina for all she has done for me and my family and thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Anti Aging Programs Chappaqua, NY

” My strength and energy are up, and my golf scores are down. “

michael bonforte

I have thoroughly benefited from my interaction with Dina over the years. I was aging (I am now 50), I felt tired and sluggish every afternoon, and I was overweight at around 220 -225 lbs for my 6′ height. After several years of learning and experimenting with various approaches, my real breakthrough happened when participated in one of Dina’s detox programs. It was absolutely amazing. I felt great afterwards. I literally felt a few years younger. A short time afterwards as the results of detox started to wear off, Dina recommended I combine the results of the detox and existing program with exercise.

I have shed 25 lbs and not fluctuated a bit for over a year. I started eating smarter/better ever since I met Dina. I eat even better now, and eat less, even though I am exercising regularly. I literally eat half a meal and save the remainder for later, or the next day. As such, my strength and energy level are up considerably. My golf scores are down considerably. And my overall disposition is better. I took me several years to accomplish my initial goals discussed with Dina but I now know that If I had devoted myself more fully to the initial program and principles, I estimate I would have accomplished the same results in 1-2 years.

Anti Aging Programs Bedford, NY

” I have never felt or looked better. “

pamela pecora

Dina Khader has truly made so many wonderful changes in my life. When I first appeared at Dina’s door, I was 52 years old. I had always tried to follow the right diet, with vitamins, but I just did not feel or look good. I knew nothing about nutrition. She has taught me through my blood type the right foods and supplements to take.

I am now 62 years old, and I have never felt or looked better. So I am told, so many times. Dina, has always been there for me, because I have had to deal with so many problems. Between, Menopause, Thyroid disorder,emotional problems, I don’t know where I would be today with out her guidance and knowledge. The supplements I know are always the best, and can be trusted. They are the very best quality. I also know that she keeps on improving all her supplements. Because of this..I only purchase my supplements from Dina. I want to say Thank You, Dina has saved my life in so many ways.

Anti Aging Programs Armonk, NY

” I was so impressed, I became a health counselor myself! “

nick o

I have been a client / patient of Dina Khader since August 2004 and to say she has completely improved and changed my life is an understatement. I went to Dina with a list of personal & family history ailments; allergies, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, weight gain and, as the most pressing concern, depression. Dina taught me the importance of eating the correct foods for me. She also explained the necessity of adding the right supplements that were missing from the foods I was eating.

The results have been amazing. My depression is gone! I don’t have allergies and I lost thirty pounds. All my blood work indicates the bad genes for heart disease, Alzheimer’s & cancer are in check and most likely not affect me in my old age! I was so impressed by her dedication to preventive health care and her genuine concern for the well being of others that I have become a Health Counselor myself! Dina Khader will always be part of my health regimen to ensure my senior days are happy, healthy and positive ones.

Weight Loss Programs Bedford, NY

” The compliments I routinely receive really belong to Dina. “

john parks

I first met Dina 5 years ago on the recommendation of a friend as I sought help in combating increasingly severe seasonal allergies. Dina used a combination of focused supplements as a means of establishing initial relief and control but she also pursued the root of the problem in my daily diet which she believed was the true culprit for most, if not all, of my issues.

Five months after following Dina’s directives on the Blood Type Diet, all of my allergic symptoms disappeared and have never returned. Dina’s program literally began to change my life and what started as a search for temporary relief has turned into long term education in my overall health and fitness. Dina has given me the knowledge and tools to take control of my own integrative wellness. Perhaps her most profound work with me has been in the area of anti-aging and longevity. As we began to adjust my daily diet, I asked Dina’s counsel on responsible ways to retard the aging process – both in my physical appearance and my general stamina and fitness.

Dina’s knowledge of cutting-edge protocols in anti-aging utilizing supplements like NADH, DMAE and Hyaluronic Acid has yielded amazing personal results for me. I look and feel far younger than my actual chronological age and the compliments I routinely receive really belong to Dina. So, with my whole heart and my excellent health, I thank you Dina.

” Dina has helped me sustain good health and energy without any major problems of aging. “

j r s

My first consultation with Dina Khader, about 15 years ago, concerned a cronic problem with migraine headaches. Through nutritional changes and supplementation I no longer suffer from them, or with arthritis in my neck originating from a ski injury. Recently I noticed that prominent varicose veins in my right leg had completely disappeared, which I attribute to a supplement which she had suggested.

Dina has helped me sustain good health and energy without any major problems of aging, up to my late seventies. I continue to refer friends to her.

General Health Success Stories

” Within five months, my seasonal allergies were completely gone. “

john parks

John Parks talks about how Dina Khader’s nutritional advice helped him overcome seasonal allergies, and why that was just the tip of the iceberg.

” I am convinced. I have full faith in Dina Khader. “

savita ahuja

Professional singer Savita Ahuja discusses what Dina’s help has meant to her, and why working with Dina was so much more than just a run-of-the-mill health regimen.

” Dina will address your issues with specific questions and advice. “

sandy haber

Sandy Haber shares his experience with Dina Khader’s nutrition program, and why a personalized nutrition program is the only thing that works for him.

” I could not do the work I do without Dina’s help. “

laurie mccracken

Before I met Dina I was gaining weight, had little energy and many “digestion” issues. I had never been impressed with any nutritionists I had met up to that point, and had been keeping an “eye” out for a good one for almost 20 years! Once I met Dina (over 7 years ago) I was TOTALLY impressed! She was passionate about her work, energetic, professional, and very thorough – she even looked at my blood-work.

Once I started to implement the food choice changes she recommended, I started losing weight, had much more energy and my digestive issues improved dramatically. I was amazed at the difference in how my body felt – and the powerful healing effect of eating the right food for my body. I have kept the weight off and am full of energy (I am an oncology nurse in a very busy office and am certain I could not do the work I do without Dina’s help in keeping my health in tip- top shape!).

I’m VERY grateful I met her. I have NEVER met anyone else who can compare to her, and I have interviewed and met other nutritionists in the New York area, and around the country. Her extensive knowledge and the quality of the supplements she uses (she’s a perfectionist!) are outstanding. If you are looking to make a real difference in how you feel, I HIGHLY recommend her! AND she practices herself, what she teaches!

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” I saw results not only in weight loss but control over chronic conditions. “


I first met with Dina in June 1999. I was struggling with weight gain, sensitivity to prescription medicines and foods, sinus infections and pre-menopause.

I saw results not only in weight loss but control over my chronic conditions. Over the past ten years I have consulted with Dina regularly reviewing meal plans and using her supplements. I have depended on her expertise and suggestions when other medical conditions presented themselves.

Today, thanks to Dina and staff, I know I can depend on them for my nutritional guidance and well being — rather than surrender to a drug dealing medical and surgical system.

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” She has been my lifesaver. “

marsha shannon

Up to this point I had been having severe migraine headaches for 17 years and irregular menses. Through Dina’s expert suggestions and help, I was able to better understand my health overall and make the necessary changes to get results. I had been to headache specialists, neurologist, had a MRI, and to fertility specialists and their multitude of tests. However, it was through Dina’s wisdom that I was able to better manage my headaches. Plus it was her herbal treatment that regulated my menses to normal, a first since they had started!

Over the years I have called Dina for consultations on other health issues including weight loss. She has always set me on the right track and I have been successful. Recently, having gone into menopause with few symptoms, I fell on my stairs and a week later suddenly woke up in the night with heart palpitations, uncontrolled shivers, and anxiety. After five months of going to the ER, many doctors and several procedures to little avail, it dawned on me to contact Dina for help. We had moved from the East Coast but I emailed her with my symptoms and what had been done to date, and scheduled a telephone conference. Dina responded right away and she knew what tests I should get from my PCP plus made nutritional supplement recommendations. After only a few days of taking the suggested supplements I felt relief,less anxiety, more in control of my life, and now six months later I am back to normal and not on prescription anxiety medication that the doctor prescribed.

Words alone simply cannot express what Dina Khader means to me,she has been my lifesaver, my angel, my partner in health. Her nutritional knowledge has helped me be healthy and active. My husband and I do yoga, swim, ride bikes, walk the dogs, and travel.

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” I was skeptical, but the results speak for themselves. “

andrew janovsky

Dina started me on a detox program. I felt better almost immediately. After completing the detox, I began a high protein Blood Type-O diet that was modified for my special needs. Since I have been trying to keep my cholesterol low for years, I was skeptical when Dina recommended that I eat whole eggs and more red meat.

I had my cholesterol and calcium checked after three months on the diet. My results were encouraging, but I was still skeptical.

In September, after eight months on the diet, I had another blood test, and the results speak for themselves. The tests showed a 21% improvement in my Cholesterol/HDL ratio and a 40% improvement in my triglyceride level.

While I was not overweight, the percent of my weight that was fat was too high. After eight months on the diet, I lost fat and gained muscle. My exercise routines seem to be producing better results. I feel stronger and have much less fat around my waist. Thank you Dina.

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” Dina was able to help me where traditional treatments failed. “

jo-ann r schlesinger

I have been seeing Dina Khader for seven or eight years now and I’m a huge fan. Dina helped me lose weight and maintain it and, more importantly, helped me succeed in controlling my Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and osteoporosis. Dina’s assistant Andre used to call me “Dina’s challenge” because I’m highly allergic to most drugs (statins) and many supplements, but Dina was able to help me where traditional treatments failed.

Under Dina’s care my cholesterol went from 295 to 206. My hypothyroidism also seems to be improving and Dina has now suggested that I might be able to lower my synthroid dosage. She is incredible. I have recommended her to many family members (I have a large family) and friends. Dina has won their loyalty. She cares about people and I love her like family.

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” I feel healthier than I can ever remember! “

lorraine kweskin

Dina is the most encouraging nonjudgemental health professional I have ever gone to and I’ve been to many. She advised me to go on to a diet plan for my blood type something I had never heard of. This new way of eating has made me feel healthier than I can ever remember!

Dina’s staff is extremely efficient, friendly and they go that extra step to help you when you never would have asked for that help!

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” Dina is the one-stop resource to live a better life. “

terry henry | REALTOR®, M.B.A.

Dina’s been my nutritionist for over 10 years and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else to look for expert diet guidance and insight! I’m living a healthier, smarter life now because of Dina – I understand more than I ever did about what my body needs. It’s never been more important for me to be at my best, for me, my family and my work, and Dina and her staff is the THE one-stop resource to live a better life. We love her and admire her commitment to be the best.

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” Every time I detox under Dina’s supervision, my blood tests come back perfect. “

joanne jontz

As part of being healthy, I detox every year under the supervision of Dina Khader. There are many products out there, but I would not trust anything other than what Dina recommends for me. Dina takes everything about you into consideration when recommending the right detox. I would never buy any detox kit over the counter or go on one of those all liquid detox systems. The body needs proper nourishment, especially when getting rid of toxins. The bilirubin levels of my blood are a little high, but every time I detox under Dina’s supervision, my blood tests come back perfect. I also lose any extra weight I may have put on and I feel fantastic. My doctor is very pleased with my health.

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” I lost weight and increased bone density. “

b s

I initially met with Dina Khader for help with losing weight. I followed her blood-type eating plan and with support from Dina lost pounds and got to my desired weight. Dina also helped with my osteoporosis. Since taking her Osteo Formula II daily my bone density has improved. Dina’s staff is friendly and always helpful.

Weight Loss Programs Bedford, NY

” Dina’s knowledge, passion and caring make her inspirational. “

jane kapp

Dina is an exceptional nutritionist, and more than that a healer. Her scope of knowledge, obvious passion for her profession and kind and caring personality, makes her inspirational. I initially went to Dina physically and emotionally drained. I had looked into different cleanses, and chose to work with her and her particular cleansing program. It was the most balanced one for my life, and the emotional support she and her staff provide is a huge benefit, she has created a team and support system that matches her invaluable wisdom.

The cleanse felt transformational, both physically and emotionally. At this point, 3 years later, I still consult with Dinah on health issues and changes, and she continues to provide knowledge and support. I am also a regular costumer of her wonderful products, from supplements to wheat and gluten free bread, and could not imagine life without the dark chocolates she manufactures!

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” The first thing people say is how healthy I look. What could be better? “

m c

Where to begin when explaining how working with Dina has changed my health so that for the first time ever I know what feeling “healthy” truly is. I did not realize that in the past I just was “not sick”. That is not the same as healthy. The robust health that I now have is a result of Dina’s program of eating for my blood type, adding supplements and vitamins to my program, and now detoxing once a year.

There was a time when I had sinusitis year round, started to feel “unwell” as I got older, and just was not on the top of my game, so to speak.

That is the past. The present experience for me is one where each day I am full of vitality. When people I have not seen for a time see me, the first thing they say is how healthy I look. What could be better?

I appreciate that when I have medical concerns, such as bone density, I can try a holistic approach with Dina’s prescribed therapy instead of pharmaceuticals.
Thank you for working with me to achieve my goal of a healthful, vibrant life.

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” I have never felt better. “

ralph sabatino

Along the way I have always found Dina to be genuinely interested in me as a patient, as well as sensitive to the ups and downs of one’s circumstances. In the Fall of 2007 after a major surgery that ultimately saved my life I truly understood the value of all that Dina had contributed to my well being. Four years before when I first went to Dina our objective was to carefully plan for the day that I would finally need that surgery. Without all the support I received from Dina and the quality of advice and counsel I received I would not, could not have been as healthy a person as I was when I finally needed the surgery.

Two years later I still consult with Dina, continue to follow our prescribed diet plan and supplementation and frankly have never felt better. Thanks a million Dina for all you’ve done for me.

Anti Aging Programs Bedford, NY

” Dina focused on my physical needs. “


I went to Dina because I’d heard of her reputation and I wanted to “get healthy through healthy eating.” Unlike other nutritionists I had been to before who told me to basically “live on lettuce,” Dina focused on MY body type and put me on a diet that fulfills my physical needs.

I don’t feel sluggish, I don’t have mood swings, and I haven’t had a headache (which were common and frequent throughout my life) since she ”corrected” my eating habits.

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” My cholesterol dropped 100 points in less than three weeks! “

brittany kramer

I personally think what Dina does for people is incredible! Less than 3 weeks on her program my cholesterol had already dropped 100 points! Dina appears to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her profession. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight or even just improve their overall health and well being. I have already recommended a ton of my friends! She cares about her patients and really does make a difference in people’s lives! I think the whole program is totally amazing. Everything is excellent and I wouldn’t change a thing! Dina has changed my life for the better; she’s a miracle worker!

Anti Aging Programs Chappaqua, NY

” Seeing Dina has totally changed my life. “

pier pagano

I have multiple sclerosis and was prone to episodes where I would fall down or feel extremely tired and just not well most of the time. When the episodes began to happen more frequently, my acupuncturist suggested that I contact Dina Khader for a consultation. I am a single mother of a 13 year old and these sudden episodes interfered with not just my health but the ability to work and take care of my child.

Dina changed my diet and put me on a course of vitamins. Within a short time I began to feel less tired and was able to cope. The episodes are now completely gone and I feel good every day. When I first saw Dina, I wasn’t sure if anything could really change what was happening to me, but several years later I am not worried about sudden falls or days when I can’t get out of bed. I tell my friends that seeing Dina has totally changed my life, and they agree that she has made a difference in the quality of their lives as well.

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” The miracle is that I do not crave sweets anymore. “


Overtime, even when I stopped training, I had somewhat lost my connection to what my body really needed to stay healthy. As a dancer, I also had tried many diets and different food regimes, but my body always went back to not much food, little protein and more sugary snacks. To me the miracle in following Dina’s suggestions is that I do not crave sweets anymore.

It is great to feel that as I grow older, I do not have to limit my food choices. I do not feel deprived, but in fact I can feel energized and maintain my health. Thank you Dina for your knowledge in this very complicated and myth filled field. I feel grateful and fortunate to have access to your practice and services.

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” I saw a huge difference in the way I looked and the way I felt. “

jeffrey weiner

I came to Dina highly recommended from a loved one after my first year out of college living on my own when I knew I had gotten into some bad eating habits. Sitting down with her and making a meal plan specifically designed for me helped re-focus me. When I came back a month later, I saw a huge difference in the way I looked and the way I felt. She has a great reputation and always gives great recommendations for healthy foods and supplements. I thank her for that and look forward to having her help me in my future.

Weight Loss Programs Bedford, NY

” Dina helped raise my health to another level. “

mary alice

My general health was never poor, but Dina did help to raise my health to another level and make me more aware of ways to keep my self on track for good nutrition and diet. Her generally calming nature makes it easy to understand what she is describing/ prescribing. She offers a variety of ‘healing’ options: vitamins, diet, topical solutions, etc.

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” When I need professional health advice, I always call Dina. “

i b

Working with Dina for the last 5 years has been a joy and an education. I first came in to see her by accident. I was bringing my college age daughter for an appointment that I had scheduled. I felt it appropriate to sit in on the meeting so I would be able to help her in her quest to eat a healthier diet while away at school. I was so impressed with how Dina related to my 18 year old, and with the plan she had put together for her, that I decided to jump on board myself.

I had already been eating a fairly healthy diet for many years. As a matter of fact I have owned my fitness business for over 20 years by that time, and had been studying natural foods cooking and nutrition. I have been a binge eater for practically my whole life and Dina has helped me, through proper guidance, meal planning, nutritional supplementation, and allowing me to eat lots of healthy goodies to become a healthier person.

When I feel rundown or come up with some weird symptom and need to get professional health advice, I never call my Doctor (just to receive harmful medications), I always call Dina. There is always some sort of natural cure that Dina knows of. Now that I have reached the 50 year mark it is even more important for me not to abuse my body and establish lifelong appropriate habits. It is easy to be myself and open and honest with Dina. She is so easy to talk to, and always has that warm thoughtful smile on her face. I know that she is really listening; seeing me as a separate and unique case as she treats all her patients. It is a blessing to be able to trust somebody with my health and not have to worry that I am alone on this journey.

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” The first phone call is to Dina. “

cat kelly

I have been seeing Dina since before she started her private practice. Whenever I have any questions about my health or at the first sign of becoming sick or to analyze blood work and x-rays, the first phone call is to Dina.

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” I have found the answer to a problem that has haunted me most of my life. “

e c

So my story begins when I am in high school. Failing all my classes I sought attention by not eating. Depressed and anorexia I missed sat college applications and I barely graduated. It would be the first time I looked for a way out.Jump ahead 5 years. Working in retail taking secretarial courses I found myself working seven days a week. My boyfriend at the time left permanently to the air force in colorado. I once again turned to not eating to cure my depression. This time I was becoming a master at not eating. At this point I met my husband. He helped me receive my masters degree and become a teacher. We were married and I was for filling my dream. I was healthy and happy.

Jump ahead 10 years we started to talk about starting a family. My husband worked and traveled non stop. I no more wanted to have a baby and put on weight and leave my beloved teaching job and spend my days with my extended family caring for a baby I did not want. I became pregnant my baby due in september a teachers nightmare as far as due date months are concerned. I played games with my weight the entire pregnancy. I gained less than what was required and only two months from delivery my son was only 2 pounds.

Sept 18 was the day my life would forever change. After a full day of work I had a check up. I was checked into the hospital. I delivered my son at 4.9 pounds via c section. The full force of our families not getting along began. We had to separate the families in the hospital and to make matters worse I had bells palsy during the night of my delivery. I now was living my nightmare. My face and right side were a mess my families were fighting my husband was traveling and I became a master again at not eating. I had no friends I was exhausted and I had to map out a schedule so the families would not drop by. I lost my job my friends and spent my days entertaining family and wandering around stores and I began to sleep wherever and whenever I could.

Jump ahead 2 years. The constant stress was taking its toll. I was now having boughts of diarrhea bloody stools and a new problem panic attacks plus I was becoming chronically ill. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and put on a strict diet. Between the panic attacks my migraine diet and my Crohns diet I once again stopped eating. Jump ahead to the present I spent the past year in and out of the hospital. Malnourished dehydrated depressed. Chronically ill why eat this was my ticket out of my nightmare. I no longer cared. After realizing that outside of my Crohns, IBS and migraines I was medically ok I still could not eat without being trapped in the bathroom. I passed out everywhere I had accidents without warning and I dropped to 96 pounds.

My therapist suggested Dina Khader and her group. Her staff greeted me as if I had known them forever. I met with Dina and we mapped out a simple food menu that included many of the foods I could get right there. It has been three weeks. The diarrhea has stopped the exhaustion has stopped. I love the food and the shakes. I am still working with my anorexia and panic attacks but I have put on two pounds. Yeh. I can order my food on line and I am weighed in only once a month. The diet is easy and for the first time in six years I am feeling much better. I know I have a long journey ahead but I truly believe I have found the answer to a problem that has haunted me most of my life. I only can say thank you for your caring and kindness and patience for helping me begin my healing process.

” Dina saved my life! “

j k

I can’t believe that the thyroid doctor I went to didn’t really care! If it weren’t for you, I don’t want to think about what shape I’d be in today. I am going to say it as it is: Dina, you saved my life! You are a real genius! I am not exaggerating when I say that all my friends and family know about you now, because believe me, I won’t shut up! And so many times people have said, “Wow, you look great, you look different,” and I know exactly why! God bless you and your family, and thank you for everything!

” Dina, you did it again! “

b k

You helped me feel better when no one else could. After only one soak my fingers feel a lot better, before I could barely bend them. You have the answers that doctors don’t. They were all stumped as to why only my fingers and toes are swelling but you knew! I am feeling much better and look forward to total recovery as I keep doing this. Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge that has helped get me on the path to resolving this annoying medical mystery! I know where to turn anytime I do not feel well and I also know where to direct other people that have health issues. You are the best and I tell everyone that!

” What every doctor said could not happen, Dina took care of with nutrition. “

m c

Before coming to see Dina I had phlebitis on my left leg as a result of a difficult appendectomy. This would cause my leg to swell up. I was 32 years old when this happened, I am now 67 years old. For the most part I’ve worn compression stockings since this swelling began. As I got older I really wanted to know what I could expect, because the doctors made it very clear that it couldn’t be fixed.

The doctors told me it is permanently damaged, and the circulation in my lower left leg, below the knee, needs support with a stocking. At the end of the day, where that compression stocking ends, you could clearly see a line where it swelled up. I found out that what I could expect, what the prognosis was, was that the swelling would continuously get worse over a long period of time, and I couldn’t find anyone to disagree with this. I was told that eventually I will get sores. They might even prevent me from being able to wear the stockings because at some later stage the sores would not heal.

So that is what everyone agreed was how this had to go. So I went to see Dina, and told her all of this, and she said “Oh no, that’s not the way it has to go”. She put me on a Blood Type B regime, and I followed it. To a T. Within… it may have been only two weeks, two months at the most, the swelling above the stocking disappeared. What every doctor said could not happen, Dina took care of with nutrition. She didn’t just put me on a Type B diet, she added and subtracted things from my diet to specifically take care of my problem. And not only was the swelling no longer a problem, I still wear the compression stocking, for safety sake, but the discoloration improved as well.

” I told my doctor the truth… it wasn’t drugs. It was Dina’s program. “

donna gleason

I have been a patient of Dina’s for a little over a year. When concerned because a friend had a side effect from Boniva, I (who have Ostepenia and had been on Boniva for over two years) decided to stop taking it. I called Dina and she recommended some supplements I could take in place of Boniva and that would help strengthen my bones. When I had my Bone Density Test last month, my unsuspecting doctor told me “the Boniva is really helping because your bone density has improved”. I told him the truth – that I had been off Boniva and on some supplements Dina Khader had recommended, and he said ‘well, keep doing that’.

” In 21 days, I felt better, regained my energy, lost weight and reduced headaches. “

jacqui vieira

Dina’s wonderful, warm disposition exceeded my expectations. She was kind and extremely patient and very knowledgeable. She took the time to explain and educate me on the benefits of various foods and supplements that would help me. Dina created a specialized detox and diet plan tailored to meet my needs. I followed her suggestions, detoxed for 21 days, felt better, regained my energy, lost weight and although I am not fully cured of my Migraines, her recommendations have helped to lessen the frequency of migraine occurrences. I feel much better having taken her advice.

I’ve visited other Nutritionalists and did not experience the personalized attention that I did with Dina Khader. I follow her suggestions and feel better physically. I highly recommend her.

” If there was a miracle, it was that I found Dina Khader. “

l h

In 1995 I was diagnosed with a very rare myeloprofliferative blood disorder called essential thrombocythemia. The condition causes an over production of platelets. Upon diagnosis, I began chemotherapy treatments at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. My doctor told me chemotherapy for my condition was not a cure and I would need it for the rest of my life. He said he had never seen anyone with this condition get well. The best that I could hope for was to stabilize the platelet count to reduce complications from the condition.

At Dina’s suggestion, I ate foods recommended for my blood type and condition, juiced green vegetables twice a day, followed her detox regiment, and took my supplements. Gradually, I began to feel and look better than I had since I was diagnosed. Almost a year after my first visit with Dina, my doctor called to tell me that I no longer needed chemotherapy. He said it was a miracle. I was well. However, it was not a miracle. It was Dina Khader’s extraordinary medical and nutritional knowledge and her methodical approach to treatment that resulted in my cure.

If there was a miracle involved at all, it was that I was fortunate enough to have found Dina Khader and smart enough to have followed her advice. I have been well and off of chemotherapy for almost eleven years. I have sent many of my friends and family members to her for treatment for a variety of health problems and as long as they are willing to following her advice they too have gotten well.

” I have learned so much from Dina. “


I cannot adequately put into words how incredibly fortunate we are to have Dina Khader in our community. The wealth of nutrition and health knowledge that Dina possesses is an invaluable resource and she diligently follows the current research to keep that knowledge on the cutting edge of what is happening in the world of health care. Dina’s practice goes far beyond the scope of dietary nutrition. I love being able to discuss health concerns with Dina before going for my annual physical. Walking into my Dr. prepared with knowledge and a list of blood work Dina had suggested is an empowering feeling. It allows me to be my own health advocate armed with a deeper understanding of my individual body’s needs.

After being told by my Dr. that all was normal I brought the results to Dina who proceeded to explain in detail the nature of the results. She found specific areas that needed strengthening and she was able to suggest and provide quality supplements, suggest specific foods and meal plans targeted for my specific nutritional needs. Every morning I blend up a concoction of Dina’s protein powder along with live food and other ingredients Dina suggested. My energy level has increased and I can have peace of mind knowing I am fueling my body so that I can be productive in my day and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have learned so much from Dina. Conscious knowledge is the key for change. Dina has expanded my consciousness so I can be more aware of how I feed and care for my body from a perspective of prevention.

Thank you Dina, you are such a valuable resource for so many of us. Your caring and compassionate spirit along with incredible expertise are all ingredients for the gifted healer you are.

” My chronic achiness went away and has not returned in the ten years since. “


Before I came to Dina, I had chronic, long-term inflammatory symptoms that could not be successfully addressed by any of the physicians, including specialists, that I had seen. I had “tried everything” and would not have been hopeful except for the positive results my husband received after following Dina’s advice regarding his stomach pains, also after physicians and specialists were of no help to him in this matter.

After following Dina’s detoxification regimen and dietary recommendations, my chronic achiness went away and has not returned in the ten years since I have been following her advice. I also received outstanding results with certain post-menopausal issues that my gynecologist was unsuccessful in helping me with. Not only did I get great results, but her product recommendations contained no suspected harmful or potentially toxic chemicals.

I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and results oriented, and as such she has become one of the most important health providers I have ever had.

” She has improved the quality of our lives. “

e s w

I went to Dina Khader in June of 1995 with high liver enzymes and within six months the nutritional program she designed for me lowered my liver enzymes and restored some piece of mind. Dina is a dedicated professional. Due to her commitment to offering the best practices of her profession she has improved the quality of my life and that of my husband.

My husband, who was reluctant regarding his own adoption of Dina’s nutritional advise, sought a consultation after contracting Polymyalgia. Her program for him, which he followed closely, has impacted the pace and quality of his recovery and now he is committed to continue with Dina after his recovery. We are both convinced that the correct nutritional program can impact life itself.

” Dina saved me from surgery… Twice. “


I was suffering from arthritic pain when I first met with Dina. After she taught me how to eat beneficial foods and eliminate those that caused inflammation in my body, I became free from that nagging pain. I believe Dina has also saved me from surgery twice. After suffering from a knee injury many years ago, which resulted in torn meniscus, torn cartilage and eventually arthritis and walking bone on bone, I was told by the doctor that I needed a knee replacement.

To this day, I have to be very careful with my knee, but with Dina’s nutritional guidance, I’ve been able to avoid the surgery and walk without pain for over five years. Also, after suffering through three consecutive attacks of diverticulitis, my doctor told me that surgery would be necessary if I had one more attack. When he could not tell me how to avoid another attack, I went to Dina for help. Again, with her nutritional expertise, I’ve been able to avoid another attack. I thank you Dina. Because of your excellent care, my quality of life has greatly improved!

” Dina’s program was so easy to manage. “

lauren nadler

A friend of mine told me about Dina as I was telling her how sluggish I was feeling. She told me how she lost weight and felt so great after Dina’s detox plan. Although loosing weight wasn’t my goal I went to Dina anyway and after her detox plan my energy was back and felt strong again. Dina’s detox program didn’t just last the three weeks of detox; it was so easy to manage, I was never hungry and the foods and meals that she showed me were so satisfying that I continued this regimen with no problem. My system works better and I feel healthier than ever and although I am not a weight numbers watcher I am much leaner and healthier.

” Dina is wonderful! “

jeffrey zink

Dina is wonderful! Dina is so concerned about your issues as well as supportive. She was very knowledgeable and I learned a tremendous amount about nutrition what was important and what to look for. Everyone in the office is great to deal with. Dina should be a must visit on everyone’s list!

” She gets results. “

bunny meyerson

I met Dina about 20 years ago. I was sick and I was referred to her by Dr. D’Adamo, my naturopath at the time. I trusted him and therefore I knew that I could trust Dina to help me. I have always practiced alternative medicine so it was not a huge leap to listen and follow her excellent direction. She is very smart and very thorough.

Today having followed her advise I am healthier than I have ever been. I am not saying it’s always easy, but she gets results.

Dina has surrounded herself with a very caring staff and they are always ready to help. The entire experience is worth the journey.

” Life has become a much more enjoyable experience. “


Dina has become the most beneficial Health Care Advisor I have found. After many doctors would not acknowledge the depths of my problems, Dina’s advice and supplements have helped me understand the cause and effects of living an unhealthy life through poor nutrition and improper diet. With changes in my food choices and supplements on a daily basis, life has become a much more enjoyable experience.

” On my second visit, the improvements were clear to both Dina and me. “

d b s

I went to see Dina with the goal of improving my overall health by making conscious adjustments to my diet. I was surprised to learn that what I assumed to be healthful foods I was consuming, with regularity, actually had a negative effect on my body. Dina patiently and carefully crafted a detailed plan of which I could easily follow, making alterations to what the core construction of my diet was as well as suggesting additional beneficial foods to include.

The first noticeable change I experienced was in my weight – I was able to lean out and add muscle rather rapidly, which was an unexpected plus. I noticed my energy-level increasing incrementally and my skin taking on a more moist complexion. On my second visit, it was of no surprise that striking improvements were clear to both Dina and me. I am grateful for Dina’s help and plan on continuing with my customized program.

” When people ask what I did to look so good I always tell them about Dina’s program. “

betty c

I went to see Dina on advice of my dentist. I had a dental implant put in and it did not heal for over two years. I was asking to have it taken out when Dr. Lerner suggested I see Dina Khader first. When I started Dina’s program I was hoping that my gums would heal. Not only did that happen but I was pleasantly surprised to be getting back some lost energy. I had been complaining of low energy for quite some time. Another added perk which I did not expect was that I was losing weight. I went down a whole size in my clothing.

When people ask me what I did to look so good I always tell them about Dina’s program. Basically I feel a lot better overall. I am now a firm believer of eating for my blood type and keeping my PH in balance. I wish I had met Dina many years ago.

” I am feeling so good! “

r m

All is well with me! After two surgeries in 6 months time I had gone back to work but my energy level was so low that I couldn’t stand it. I thought I ate a healthy diet and was shocked to see it was all wrong according to my blood type A. What an adjustment it has been but the good thing is I am feeling so good I feel I can do this! (I may even learn to like it). Thank you Dina for the good work you do – you are an inspiration!

” I am very happy and healthy now, and so is my son! “


Before I started going to see Dina, I used to have difficulty with my allergies/asthma and got sick very frequently. The state of my health potentially led me to having difficulty conceiving. I tried several things to help my situation from homeopathy to prescription drugs, but nothing seemed to work.

Dina, along with her wonderful staff, educated and guided me in the right path. I no longer was on a diet or refilling my prescriptions daily. I started a new life style of eating healthy and following a daily regimen prescribed by Dina.

In the beginning, it can be costly, but so are prescriptions, doctor visits, and diets that don’t work. You can not put a price on understanding how your body works and what it needs. I am very happy and healthy now, and so is my son!

” The peace of mind is what keeps me coming back. “

evon mauriello

Just a note to thank Dina and the rest of the staff for everything you have done for me over the years. I have been a patient of Dina’s for twenty plus years and throughout this time I have continually utilized the professional services provided. I have maintained an amazing blood workup throughout this time with levels that my doctors cannot believe, I attribute this to the Khader Groups philosophy, knowledge and their caring. The peace of mind that I feel because of my health is what keeps me coming back.

” Dina has immensely helped me and my family. “

rosina hirsh

Dina has immensely helped me and my family. It was 10 years ago that I met Dina and changed my eating habits. I talk about her to everyone. I have sent numerous people to see her.

” After three months my cholesterol dropped from 282 to 169. “

peter z

During my adult life, I have always had high cholesterol ranging from 262 to 282. The medical doctors prescribed statin drugs to lower my cholesterol. The drugs came with warnings of dangerous side effects. After taking the statin drugs I started to feel weak and had muscle pains. I stopped taking the drugs.

In August of 2008 a friend recommended that I have a consultation with Dina and her staff. The consultation was pleasant and revealing. The blood type diet with a tailored daily menu and supplements was the answer to safely lowering my cholesterol. After three months my cholesterol dropped from 282 to 169 with great LDL and HDL ratios! I now feel great, have more energy and have a better resistance to colds!

” Successful results all around. “

m f

My experience with the Dina Khader has been on going for a decade. Dina’s expertise especially with disease and nutritional deficiencies is outstanding. I brought two members of my family to Dina and also used her for a third family member. She worked with us on weight loss, diabetes and multiple cancers – with successful results all around. Her staff is professional, knowledgeable and customer oriented. Dina and her staff have never failed to exceed my expectations. I will continue to use Dina and recommend her highly.

” Dina seems to exude health and vitality. “

mary antenucci

I have known Dina Khader for over 15 years. During that time she has been an important influence on the health and well-being of my entire family. Her nutritional support and guidance were invaluable to me when I was going through a health crisis 11 years ago. I continue to see her periodically for a “tune-up” and am impressed not only by her breadth of knowledge, but by her genuine concern and compassion. On top of that, Dina seems to exude health and vitality – she is her own best advertisement! I must mention as well the members of her staff, who are warm, professional, and always available to answer questions.

” I enthusiastically recommend Dina to family and friends. “

trish santini

Years ago my original expectations were simple – learn about a nutritional approach to eating and supplements. For years later, those simple expectations have been surpassed with results in many areas of my health.

Dina was instrumental in suggesting supplements to help with different ailments and continued to work with me on disease prevention. In addition, she enhanced my eating healthy by suggesting the best foods for me.

Dina is proven and I enthusiastically recommended and continue to recommend Dina to family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues etc! I am thankful for having worked with Dina and plan to continue working with her in the future!

” The results have been tremendous. “

arelis javier

My life before meeting Dina was terrible because I was losing my hair, had joint pain and did not have too much energy.

The results that I obtain from following Dina’s advice and using the vitamins have been tremendous because not only do I feel better but I learned to be more health cautious about what I eat.

The staff is very knowledgeable team because every time have called the office with questions or ordered product I was treated with respect, courtesy and given the correct information. Dina has been a great help for me by giving me the correct tools and guidance on how to obtain a healthy and balance life.

” Dina has helped me get back in shape and stay that way. “


Dina has helped me to have a better understanding of healthy eating and also the importance of what food you put in your body. Before I embraced Dina’s philosophy I was consistently run down and reaching for the wrong kinds of foods and drinks to give me energy. Not only has Dina helped me get back in shape, but also to stay that way, by adhering to her simple food supplements plans. Dina and her wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable staff help create a dietary plan that is customized to your needs, and are constantly able to offer great advice and encouragement. I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before!

” Listen to Dina! “


I have been seeing Dina on and off for over 15 years – I came to Dina on a referral when I was very sick with Lyme disease. I was on high doses of antibiotics and feeling terrible. Dina advised me at that time that I should speak to my doctor about coming off the antibiotics and try a more healthy approach – (months of antibiotics were not helping at this point). My doctor agreed and I was put on a gluten and dairy free diet along with several different vitamins. Within weeks I began to feel better – dropped some weight , energy level returned and overall I was given a new sense of HOPE. Over the years other ailments have crept up on me diet related and when I need a kick in my pants I run back to Dina.

When will I learn?? Listen to Dina !!!!! I think I need to make a new appointment today!!!

” First class nutritional experience. “

m b

Consulting with Dina Khader has been life changing for me. Not only did I experience immediate and lasting results in my health but I discovered a new way life as well. Her expertise and knowledge combined with her attention to detail provides a truly customized program. The office staff are extremely competent, accommodating, and always available to answer my questions.

What Dina Khader brings to the table is nothing less than a first class nutrition experience!

” Words can not describe how Dina has changed my life. “

m b

Words cannot describe how Dina changed my life but I’ll try…

I have been a fitness instructor for 15 years and have worked out consistently all my life. And yet, before I met Dina I was bloated and tired all the time and was always carrying around an extra 8 pounds. She is more knowledgeable and capable than any of the many notable nutritionists and diet experts I’ve met in my many years in the business.

And Dina’s staff is not only helpful and knowledgeable as well, they are caring and kind and that goes a long way when you’re dealing with such sensitive matters as your health and wellness.

” Dina has helped me to separate nutrition fact from fiction. “

p h

I have been a client of Dina Khader’s for over ten years. I am impressed with Dina’s up-to-the-minute knowledge of cutting-edge nutritional research and I have seen my meal plans and supplement recommendations evolve over time as a result of advances in both nutritional and anti-aging research. Dina’s nutritional counseling is individualized a nd based on a person’s blood chemistry and blood-type as well as other factors… no cookie-cutter approach to nutrition here.

There is a lot of misleading nutritional information out there and Dina has helped me to separate nutrition fact from fiction. I am now much more aware of how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Dina’s office is comfortable and welcoming and her staff is the best!!!

” Dina’s advice gave me back a normal life. “

helen evans

Dina’s approach to achieving and maintaining good health has given me more control over my well being than I thought was possible considering the number of challenging conditions I was juggling on a seemingly endless trail of impairments to living a strong healthy life.

When I first visited Dina a few years ago I was mainly concerned with regulating the erratic blood sugars I experience while attempting to control my diabetes. In our first session, before she knew my history, Dina mentioned that people with Blood Type A are prone to diabetes, skin cancer, breast cancer, and depression. My response was simply, “How do you know me so well without ever having met me?”

I recently re-embraced Dina’s guidance when I came to wit’s end trying to cope with a baffling onset and lengthy bout of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It was Dina’s advice, intervention, and supplements which gave me back a normal life free of intense gastrointestinal pain and distress.

Dina Khader’s philosophy, protocols, professional staff, accessibility and positive outlook are in line with my own pro-active approach to maintaining good health. At 58 years old, my commitment to maintaining a strong, healthy body is wholeheartedly supported by Dina’s work.

” My family’s nutrition has improved dramatically with Dinas’s expert guidance. “

a s

Dina is a compassionate, intellectual who knows her field very well. Her staff is always kind, courteous and helpful. My family’s nutrition has improved dramatically with Dinas’s expert guidance. In fact, my sister’s cholesterol level has dropped from 335 to 166 with the use of supplements suggested by Dina.

” My parents loved her, but more importantly their health improved. “


I met Dina over 15 years ago. I took my children to see her because of chronic ear infections and allergies. She was wonderful, knowledgeable and accurate. She gave practical nutritional solutions and supplements that we could live with.Later on I took my parents to consult with Dina for various health issues, weight loss, and nutritional advice for my mother while she was undergoing chemotherapy. They loved her, but more importantly their health improved. Before Dina we could find very little information on how to replenish the system after chemotherapy. Dina knew.

” Dina has enabled me to take charge of my health issues. “

m a

Dina has enabled me to take charge of my health issues. I not only feel better physically but mentally as well. Working in conjunction with my doctor, Dina has helped me establish a good health plan. She ordered tests that doctors don’t often order. Because of these tests we were able to treat the causes rather than just the symptoms, which I found enormously helpful. Her staff has always been very supportive and efficient.

” Since my work with Dina I have lost 20 pounds and feel much better. “

d d k

Before I came to see Dina I was quite miserable from over sized uterine fibroids and unbalanced hormones, high cholesterol was also a problem. I was getting ready to make an appointment to have a hysterectomy but decided to see Dina first. That was one year ago. Since my work with Dina I have lost 20 pounds and feel much better. My cholesterol has come down more than 50 points, and my miserable periods are more bearable.

” Her knowledge is life-changing and the results are a gift. “

k c

Dina is a treasure trove of insight, wisdom, compassion and earnest, effective guidance. She took me from fatigued to fantastic in relatively short order and has successfully guided other family members with their needs as well. In her office or by phone, Dina’s consultations always improve the situation at hand. I highly recommend Dina. Her knowledge is life changing and the results are a gift to be met with gratitude each day.

” I saw amazing results over the course of a year. “

k c

Working with Dina and implementing her nutritional suggestions changed my life quite dramatically for the better. For over a year, I had recurrent urinary tract infections which were treated with longer and longer doses of antibiotics. These infections were interfering with my life in many ways. I decided to visit Dina to determine if there was anything that could be done. While acute UTI’s are treated with antibiotics, Dina explained that there were underlying nutritional issues, which if addressed, would solve the problem over the long term. When she provided a program to follow, I must admit I was quite skeptical. It was very different from anything I had ever done, but I was feeling so poorly that I decided I must give it a try.

Initially it was very difficult, but with encouragement from Dina and her caring, supportive staff, I stuck with it and saw amazing results over the course of a year. The UTI’s stopped and I began to have more energy than I have had in years. Following Dina’s plan truly changed my life and is one of the most important things I have done for “me” in my entire life. The return to good health is a wonderful blessing. I am just sorry I waited so long.

” A commitment to wellness that inspires. “

marina kohl

I first met Dina 7 years ago. The blood-type diet that she recommended helped with not only weight loss and management, but provided a health formula that informs me to this day. I also do 2- or 3- week liver cleanses during the year; these days of detoxing realign me both physically and mentally.Dina’s staff is both helpful and knowledgeable about products and protocols. Their commitment to wellness inspires, and they have meaningful personal insights about nutrition, as well as about wholesome snacks to consider: seaweed crackers, teas, chocolates..!

” She has helped tremendously with the regulation of my blood sugar. “

m l

Dina has been very helpful to my son, my 88 year old father and myself. She has helped tremendously with the regulation of my blood sugar and it has been normal for months since using the supplements. I have been to other nutritionists over the years and no one compares to Dina in knowledge in my opinion. Her staff is always helpful and kind. I have recommended many others as well. Her products are of the highest standards.

” In one visit she has prepared you to begin your own personal journey toward good health and nutrition. “

e b

Your visit begins with the warmest, welcoming smile – That is Dina. The private session that follows is totally focused on you, your history, your questions, and your health goals. Dina develops a complete and thorough regimen for you to follow which she hands you, in writing, as you leave.. No two regimens are the same . Each is an original.

In one visit she has prepared you to begin your own personal journey toward good health and nutrition, with her blessing and with her support. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your return to give her your progress report!

” I trust her completely. “

m a m

Dina Khader is a gift. Thanks to her, I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. She has helped me gain energy, lose weight, fight off illness and she has taught me how to take care of myself. And it’s all been a wonderful experience because Dina sincerely cares, has unending compassion and the depth and breadth of her knowledge just seems endless.

I have sent many colleagues, friends and family members to her with a wide variety of ailments and aspirations. She has helped them all dramatically. (My octogenarian parents adore her.) I trust her completely. But talking about my great experience with The Khader Group wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her staff who are always there with their warmth, concern, nutritional knowledge and support. Thank you all!

” I have not seen any eczema since changing my diet along Dina’s guidelines. “

lori bisceglie

I went to see Dina Khader when a friend took pity on me and gave me Dina’s name and phone number. I had been experiencing a hoarse voice for over 2 years and suffered from seasonal allergies all my life. I never imagined that food could have remotely been involved in any of those things. As I’m sure many others have heard from their allergists/physicians “you’ll just have to learn to live with it” or start a prescription medication/allergy shots that you’ll need to continue for the rest of your life. I had seen a ENT right before being recommended to Dina and was told I had nodules on my vocal cords which would require surgery (or I needed to completely stop talking). My skin was erupting in eczema under my arms, behind my knees and was in every skin crease of each finger. The itching was unimaginable and was waking me at night with scratching (and crying – eczema is painful!).

Dina advised me that all my “favorite” foods were not compatible with my blood type and started a detoxification program. All along I thought I was utilizing healthy eating practices – no fried foods, no white flour or sugar, only organic veggies …. little did I know that the potatoes, corn and pasta were actually WORSE for my body! I have not seen any eczema since changing my diet along Dina’s guidelines. My voice returned and my allergies are barely noticeable during the worst of the “allergy seasons”, now. As long as I am compliant with the diet guidelines, I’m doing well. I continue to utilize the probiotics and digestive enzymes to this day. Thank you, Dina!!

” I am now a healthy, energetic person because of her. “

gerry cerasuolo

I have been one of Dina Khader’s clients for a long time. She has changed my life with her guidance and wonderful products. I am now a healthy, energetic person because of her. Thank You Dina

” Within six weeks I saw results in every aspect. “

b t

I was going through a real tough time in my life, emotionally, physically and mentally when I walked into Dina Khader’s office. I had heard a lot of good things about her and did believe that with the guidance of a nutritionist I could come back on track. I went in not knowing what the results would be but let me tell you she hit the nail on the head.

I have been and am really conscious of what I put in my mouth but she made it even better. She taught me the combining of food and its importance and effects on our body. She gave me all the right supplements and came up with the correct diagnosis in a very systematic way. Did all the necessary tests and then designed the right diet for me. Within six weeks I saw results in every aspect. All the supplements given to me were for certain problems that my body was having which in turn was affecting my mind.

She was available all the time to walk me through till my body’s chemistry finally stabilized and I started to feel like my old self. She actually taught me how to take care of myself and her staff were always there to support and very knowledgeable about how she practices and very supportive. Without Dina Khader’s help at that time of my life I think I would have had a total breakdown.

I highly recommend going to Dina Khader if you have any medical problem since she can help you in a very natural way to get well it is not a temporary fix – it is a fix for a long time in a really organic way.

” Her advice has made me feel 100 times better. “

h k

I met Dina 12 years ago and her advice has made me feel 100 times better over the last 12 years. I feel free to call her with questions and I plan to stay in touch for a very long time. She is beyond excellent.

” Accessible, warm, caring and concerned. “

irene hecht

I first met Dina at an IFHI conference in Arizona, even though I lived in the next town. I knew of her, but since I already went to a naturopath, I didn’t think I needed a nutritionist. I was so impressed with her knowledge and responsiveness, that I made an appointment, and found myself in a charming little office stocked with interesting organic products. The friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic guidance of Dina and her staff make me feel happy to visit and to participate in this approach like, being attuned to LIFE, which created a feeling of health and WELL BEING.

I love the food so much (as well as reducing the choice from the present glut of over-availability) that I don’t miss or crave the sugary desserts and pastries that I used to depend on for a quick fix. But what I am most grateful for is when I immediately called the office (from a foreign country) with a feeling of desperation and dread following the discovery of a tumor in my bladder, Dina got on the telephone to talk to me! This was an immeasurable comfort and so special in an age where personal contact is disappearing and you are deferred to an answering machine.

Here is a practitioner who is ACCESSIBLE, besides being warm, caring, and concerned. Ever since I found Dina two years ago, I have had good energy day after day, and survived two winters with no colds or flus. But most important, my experience with the Khader Group is simpatico and JOY-FULL.

” My doctor sent me the results with a note: – I am pleased with your test results! – “

irma vollrath

I wish to thank Dina from the bottom of my heart for helping me to correct my cholesterol. On May 27, 2009 my doctor wanted me to start on medication, Lipitor, for high cholesterol. I refused to take the lipitor and on June 5th I came to see Dina, looking for an alternative. Dina recommended Red Yeast Rice to help lower my cholesterol. I called my doctor who wasn’t very happy that I disagreed with her recommendation, but she agreed with my decision to try another approach.

Eight weeks later, on July 30th, I was re-tested and my results were unbelievable! My cholesterol dropped from 251 to 205. The nurse told me to “keep up the good work!”, and continue whatever I was doing. The next day my doctor sent me the results with a note: “I am pleased with your test results!” Dina knows what she is doing! My very very best thanks.

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